DhakaFriday , 29 July 2022
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Framed together before the picnic, returned as a corpse together!

Eden College student killed after falling from rickshaw

Two persons were killed in a trolley-motorcycle collision in Shibganj

Mother dies to hear in road accident of her son in Shibganj

Housewife dies after falling from roof in Raozan

Motorcyclist killed in train collision in Raninagar

Motorcyclist killed in train collision in Raninagar

A cyclist was killed in a truck collision in Shibganj

5 killed in Bogra bus crash

A motorcyclist was killed when a bus hit him in Singra

Two killed, two injured in Dhamairhat road accident

After 25 days, the teacher returned to the school as a corpse

Teenager lost his life while taking selfie in the pool with friends!

Two killed, two injured in road accident in Parbatipur

Two killed in separate road accidents in Gurudaspur

The plea lost 40 years ago was returned to his relatives

The young man went missing while abandoning the idol

He went to Jamuna to catch fish and came back as a corpse

College student commits suicide without getting new clothes for Durga Puja

The housewife jumped under the train with her baby in her arms, arrogant with her husband on her mobile

A child died after falling into a bucket of water in Panchagarh

College student commits suicide in trap of two cheaters

Mentally handicapped on the fence were seriously injured in an unidentified down road accident

The groom committed suicide due to heartburn while sleeping at home

Two workers killed at Rooppur nuclear power plant