DhakaFriday , 22 July 2022
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The expatriate’s wife killed her lover because she could not give satisfaction!

Songs of Hero Alam and Bhuvan Badyakar are coming to shake two Bengalis

Ukraine-Russia close to agreement to end war

Two Ukrainian soldiers got married on the battlefield

The Prime Minister left Dhaka for the UAE

Bangladesh is neutral in the UN on Ukraine crisis

The operation will continue until the goal is achieved: Russian Defense Minister

Massive shelling across Kiev, attacks on military bases

Hijab controversy, closure of all schools and colleges in Karnataka

Legendary musician Lata Mangeshkar is no more

Renowned musician Lata Mangeshkar at LifeSupport

5 killed in military factory shooting in Ukraine

Thich Nhat Hanh: ‘Father of mindfulness’ Buddhist monk dies aged 95

Udupi hijab issue: The Indian girls fighting to wear hijab in college

India registers 337,704 fresh cases

Pricila was admitted to the hospital, asking for prayers

The number of infected patients is increasing all over the world due to the effect of Omicron

Lata Mangeshkar admitted to ICU after testing COVID-19 positive

India’s daily cases near 2 lakh, active cases highest in 211 days

US sets new grim pandemic records with nearly 1.5m daily cases

19 killed in New York residential building fire

Taliban arrest Afghan professor after social media criticism

Anti-vaccine protesters rally in France, Germany, Austria, Italy

The Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association has demanded that the age of marriage for girls be raised to 21.

In Kazakhstan, protesters were ordered to shoot “just in sight.”

Friday prayers bombed again in Afghanistan!

Iran’s ex-boyfriend sentenced to death

That is the reason behind the decline in oil prices in India

The time for exporting hilsa to India has been extended till November 5

‘Low-income country Pakistan’