DhakaFriday , 17 November 2023
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Youth dies in Gurdaspur due to cricket stamp bari

Two died in enemy fire, procession with dead bodies

Two died in enemy fire, procession with dead bodies

Crime Patrol saw school student killed after kidnapping, 5 students arrested

Woman arrested after stealing newborn baby

2 thousand kg adulterated jaggery seized in Lalpur, fine 2 lakhs

Embezzled billions of rupees by showing live porno videos!

RAB fears that new militant groups may launch sabotage attacks at any time.

Attempt to cheat by cloning DC’s mobile number

Fugitive accused of murder of school teacher Helena arrested in Gurdaspur

Kali idol vandalized in Sherpur

In Gurdaspur, a young man was cut and injured

In Gurdaspur, after being caught in a strange situation, the lover kept her lover in the trunk!

The body of the teenager was recovered from Raninagar in Naogaon

The expatriate’s wife killed her lover because she could not give satisfaction!

Sonamasjid-Chokpara border 6 thousand yaba with 1 arrested

In the name of river digging  Contractors are selling land by destroying government roads worth of crore takas

In Raninagar, a housewife was tortured by cutting her hair to demand dowry, her husband was arrested

Rape of the housewife in front of the child by showing greed for hidden treasure

Gurudasapure corn field tea seller’s dead body!

A friend of the third sex cut off a special part of the young man because he got married

An old man was killed in a mass beating on suspicion of cattle theft in Dimla.

4 injured in a clash between two groups in Gurudaspur

Students injured in eve-teasing in Shibganj

In Gurudaspur, a case has been registered against a housewife for cutting her hands and hair with a blade

After raping his girlfriend, left her with three people

Cannabis plant recovered from house in Roumari

Husband rescued, wife detained in Shibganj

Twelve-year-old child raped in Khetlal

 cutting the bank of the government canal and taking soil in a private place

9th class girl raped in Gurudaspur

More than two and a half lakh taka stolen from Gurudaspur post office

Husband arrested for having anal intercourse with wife after taking sexually arousing pills

Father remarried: Daughter committed suicide: wife in hospital!

Gurudaspur fertile soil of crop land is burning in the brick field!

Child kills sleeping father in Rajshahi

On the Baradaha Bridge in Gobindganj Complaint of extra toll collection

Dhunte is accused in 23 cases Lashkar arrested with marijuana

Dhamairhat housewife murdered

Hatibandha Highway Police Constable arrested with 80 bottles of Fencidil.

Smugglers exchange fire with police 10 smugglers including Indian nationals arrested

5 arrested in police operation in Raninagar

In Gaibandha, 245 women and children are raped in a year

1 killed in BSF firing at Sapahar border

5 crore in the account of a drug addict in Shibganj, 6 arrested

Gaibandha. Shop houses including the election office of the league were vandalized and looted

Election poster on fire in Gurudaspur Complaints of reciprocity of the two chairman candidates

In Gurudaspur, 3 members of Antzela Motorcycle Thieves were caught by RAB

A young man has been arrested for allegedly videotaping a teacher’s bath in Gaibandha

Housewife hacked to death in Ishwardi

Khichuri feast of UP member by stealing farmer’s khasi!

The corpse became an easybike driver without drying the color of Mehedi

 10 pieces of the student’s body were found on the floor of the house

GD in the name of journalist Rashidul for harassing a college student

A case of rape of a schoolgirl

Taslima has no peace even with her drug dealer husband Dervos

The father handed over his daughter to the police as she was involved in anti-social activities

Husband sentenced to 10 years in prison for posting nude photos and videos of his wife on social media

Mother and daughter gang-raped, sentenced to 3 years in prison

Offensive status on Facebook with the teacher GD in the name of journalist Ali Akkasher

School teacher Latifa Helen killed Arrest and exemplary punishment of the guilty Human chain of teachers in demand

To give a job in the police Fraud in name, two arrested

Friday prayers bombed again in Afghanistan!

CNG motorcycle rickshaw rental anarchy on the road

Murder of a friend in broad daylight in Gurudaspur

The body of the young man rescued the body of the young man,

20 drug addicts arrested in Chapainawabganj

Youth arrested with 3 firearms in Chapainawabganj

The way Iqbal was caught in the trap of three BCL activists

Allegations of VGD card trade against the chairman Even if the name is on the list, the poor are not getting rice!

Goods worth more than Rs 50 lakh were burnt to ashes in a fire in Gobindganj

The sand business of the UP chairman of Gurudaspur is in a state of disrepair

A woman who was gang-raped on her way back after seeing her niece’s groom

Bird hunting is going on freely in Chalanbil!

Child rape in Gurudaspur for giving biscuits Accused arrested

Brother-in-law killed by Bhabir in Gobindaganj

UP chairman’s sand business occupying the field of educational institution in Gurudaspur!

One arrested with 400-pitch yaba in Bagha-1

Toxic smoke from lead factory in Raninagar destroys 40 tonnes of guava

Newborn rescued from paddy field in Panchagarh

5 people were hacked and injured for not writing Alhaj before the name

The school building cracked before the handover

School teacher killed by student in Rajshahi

Two drug dealers along with 365 bottles of Fencidil were arrested in a microbus in Panchagarh

The hanging bodies of two sisters were recovered from the roof of a house in Sylhet

Young man commits suicide in online office room by writing notes in Raninagar

Bomb attack, firing, road blockade in protest at the house of freedom fighter UP chairman in Pabna

Goat thief arrested in Gangachara