DhakaThursday , 21 July 2022
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40 more families got Prime Minister’s gift house and land in Gurdaspur

Coca-Cola International Beverages won the ‘Innovation Awards’

Many (OMS) products are not getting long line of buyers in Pabna fence

Students will not be able to go to class without vaccination

In response to Back to the Future

Taliban arrest Afghan professor after social media criticism

Anti-vaccine protesters rally in France, Germany, Austria, Italy

Although 11 years have passed since Felani was shot dead like a bird at the Kurigram border

The sacked OC is now in Rajshahi jail

After a long 6 months, import-export started at the land port of Roumari

Scientists have invented the world’s first breathing corona vaccine in China!

The Teesta waters suddenly flooded vast areas above the danger line

They are self-sufficient by earning foreign currency at home

Beauty Khatun is studying at Rajshahi University by writing with her feet

Even in heavy rains, water is flowing in vacuum in Chalanbil “

A Young Popular Musical artist Amdadul Hoque Digital Marketer Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

A Young Popular Musical artist Deep Depression Digital Marketer Entrepreneur in Bangladesh

Tried And Tested: Celebrity Beauty Products That Actually Work

When Fame Are Not Enough, Why Celebrities Want To Be Artists

Report: Red Sox Star Mookie Betts Traded To Dodgers

The Automaker’s 2019 Profits Were Essentially Wiped Out

Unions Call On Trump Administration For More Robust Response

Hollywood Is More Diverse Than Ever. So Why Are The Oscars Still So White?

Travel Advice: How Will Travel Be Affected After Brexit?

US Warns Citizens Of Sexual aAssault In Spain

Jennifer Lopez And Shakira’s Halftime Show Got Political

Fashion Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Fronts Her First Luxury Fashion Campaign