DhakaSunday , 10 October 2021
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The housewife jumped under the train with her baby in her arms, arrogant with her husband on her mobile

Md Magem Ali
October 10, 2021 7:14 am
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Panchagarh representative.
A housewife named Laila (28) jumped under the Panchagarh Express train left from Panchagarh heroic freedom fighter Sirajul Islam railway station with her two-and-a-half-month-old baby named Baby while arguing with her husband on her mobile phone in Sadar upazila of Panchagarh.

The incident took place at around noon on Saturday in the Kamalapur (south of Jemcon) railway line adjacent to the Sirajul Islam railway station in Panchagarh. Just three minutes after the train left, the train driver abruptly stopped the train. Even then, the housewife was seriously injured when she was hit by the train. At that time, the baby in his lap also fell on the railway line and was injured. Later, the locals rescued the housewife along with the injured child from the Kamalapur railway line and took her to Panchagarh Modern Sadar Hospital. Laila, a housewife with a baby, was given first aid by the doctor on duty in the emergency department. Umm Humaira. Later, when the housewife’s condition deteriorated, the on-duty doctor of the emergency department transferred her to Rangpur Medical College and Hospital.
The housewife is the wife of Umed Ali of Sonahar area in Debiganj upazila of Laila district.

Kamalapur High School teacher Masood Parvez Hitler said the unidentified housewife had been sitting on the side of the railway line for a long time, arguing with someone on her mobile phone. After leaving the Panchagarh Express train at 12:30 pm, he jumped under the train with the baby in his lap. Immediately the train also stopped. Later we ran and rescued them along with the railway people and sent them to the hospital. The housewife was found by calling the last number on her mobile phone. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

Talking to Al Amin Khan, director of Panchagarh Express train, on his mobile phone, he said that the incident took place within three minutes of the train leaving Panchagarh station. The driver then quickly stopped the train. The speed of the train was low so it was possible to stop. Even then the woman came and hit the engine of the train. Later we called the locals and they came and took the woman to the hospital. Later we started the journey with the train.

Panchagarh heroic freedom fighter Sirajul Islam Railway Station Assistant Station Master. Nazmul Hossain said, three minutes after the Panchagarh train left the station, I saw that the train had stopped. The last coach of the train number 12 (bogie) was near the station. We later learned that a woman had jumped in front of a moving train with her baby. The driver was able to stop the train as the speed of the train was low. Later we call the emergency service number 999. The woman and her child were taken to hospital with the help of locals.

Panchagarh Sadar police sub-inspector (SI) said. Farhad Hossain said the housewife, who was rescued in a critical condition, was contacted by her relatives through her mobile phone. Later her relatives including her husband came to Panchagarh Modern Sadar Hospital. Later, the relatives including the housewife’s husband took the housewife to Rangpur Medical College Hospital. However, it is initially believed that she caused such an incident by arguing with her husband.