DhakaSaturday , 1 October 2022
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Shakib-Bubli shooting under strict security

Clash between two groups of Chhatra League in Eden College: 10 injured including Riva

Bride and mother-in-law die of snake bites

Fugitive accused of murder of school teacher Helena arrested in Gurdaspur

Kali idol vandalized in Sherpur

Prime Minister’s visit to India will open new doors

College teachers living in hostels, students skipping class

Mourning day and discussion meeting held  in Gurdaspur

Increasing remittances, decreasing imports; Dollars in relief

In Gurdaspur, a young man was cut and injured

Housewife’s suicide by hanging herself in Aminpur

Investigation of stolen parts of X-ray machine in Raumari Health Complex

In Gurdaspur, after being caught in a strange situation, the lover kept her lover in the trunk!

The body of the teenager was recovered from Raninagar in Naogaon

Awami League and Jatiya Party dialogue with EC today

Framed together before the picnic, returned as a corpse together!

The creator of the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ imprisoned in four walls

The production of fish in Gurdaspur is more than the demand

The expatriate’s wife killed her lover because she could not give satisfaction!

Eden College student killed after falling from rickshaw

The newlyweds committed suicide together without removing the henna color at Atrai

The dream of the farmer of Chalanbil is swaying on the sheaf of paddy

Iftar mahfil of Natore District Association in Dhaka was held

The festival of ‘Vaisabi’ started in the hills by floating flowers in the river

Songs of Hero Alam and Bhuvan Badyakar are coming to shake two Bengalis

If the weather is favorable, there is a possibility of bumper yield of mango and litchi in Gurudaspur

Sonamasjid-Chokpara border 6 thousand yaba with 1 arrested

In the name of river digging  Contractors are selling land by destroying government roads worth of crore takas

Distribution of certificates and tabs at the end of National University subject teacher training

In Raninagar, a housewife was tortured by cutting her hair to demand dowry, her husband was arrested

Independence Day is celebrated with due dignity in Bera

Aminpur Police Station OC Raushan Ali stood beside helpless Tachiran Khatun

Drawing and Debate Competition was organized by Kallol Foundation

Two persons were killed in a trolley-motorcycle collision in Shibganj

Coca-Cola International Beverages won the ‘Innovation Awards’

Rape of the housewife in front of the child by showing greed for hidden treasure

Russians and Ukrainians want to work together in Ruppur

Bird’s paradise kingdom in chalanabil!

Attempts are being made to fill the gap of two academic years: Minister of Education

BNP will not hold any election under the new

Marriage of twin sister with twin brother

Mother dies to hear in road accident of her son in Shibganj

Hero Alam in the forest to sing 

Housewife dies after falling from roof in Raozan

Gurudasapure corn field tea seller’s dead body!

50 per cent shares of Evali can be transferred: High Court

The people of Natore want Abdul Quddus, the political pioneer of North Bengal, to be the president

The government is working for the economic development of the country: MP Helal

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the book fair

A friend of the third sex cut off a special part of the young man because he got married

Students of a small ethnic group in Khetlal got a bicycle provided by the Prime Minister

Tomorrow is the first falgun

Gurudaspur celebrates the founding anniversary of Amar Sangbad

An exchange meeting was held at Gurudaspur to make the Natore District Awami League Triennial Conference a success.

The education minister sat in a meeting with Shabi students

An old man was killed in a mass beating on suspicion of cattle theft in Dimla.

Hatibandhaya Shalbane fox bite injured 5

4 injured in a clash between two groups in Gurudaspur

Students injured in eve-teasing in Shibganj

Book fair starts at 2 pm, Fri-Sat starts at 11 am

Nipun is going to appeal against the order of the High Court

Motorcyclist killed in train collision in Raninagar

Motorcyclist killed in train collision in Raninagar

Legendary musician Lata Mangeshkar is no more

Good news for Hero Alam in Nipun’s victory; Make movies in the country

Renowned musician Lata Mangeshkar at LifeSupport

After winning, Actress Nipun said with tears in her eyes!

In Gurudaspur, a case has been registered against a housewife for cutting her hands and hair with a blade

Rain will decrease and winter will increase, cold wave may start from Sunday

Greetings to the families of hundreds of freedom fighters in Rajshahi – Wife of the Minister of State for External Affairs

After raping his girlfriend, left her with three people

Cannabis plant recovered from house in Roumari

Plowing of environmentally friendly cattle on the way to extinction

Husband rescued, wife detained in Shibganj

A cyclist was killed in a truck collision in Shibganj

In Gurudaspur, Kallol Foundation handed over winter clothes to helpless poor people

Farmers do not sell paddy in food warehouses as the price of paddy is high in the market

Twelve-year-old child raped in Khetlal

31 people died in Corona, 13 thousand 154 identified

Many (OMS) products are not getting long line of buyers in Pabna fence

Not even 1 kg of paddy was collected in two food warehouses in Sherpur

 cutting the bank of the government canal and taking soil in a private place

9th class girl raped in Gurudaspur

36,000 teachers are being recruited in public and private educational institutions

Rajshahi tops in corona infection rate

Publication of the results of the eleventh admission

Four people died in Corona in one day in RMC

Jabai Mahil died while fishing in the bill

The prices of soybean, flour and pulses have gone up ahead of Ramadan

More than two and a half lakh taka stolen from Gurudaspur post office

5 killed in Bogra bus crash

Police attack on (Shust) students is sad: Education Minister

RU teachers demand resignation of Shabiprabi VC

Husband arrested for having anal intercourse with wife after taking sexually arousing pills

A motorcyclist was killed when a bus hit him in Singra

Two killed, two injured in Dhamairhat road accident

Father remarried: Daughter committed suicide: wife in hospital!

The culvert in Gurudaspur is broken and the suffering is extreme

Gurudaspur fertile soil of crop land is burning in the brick field!

Child kills sleeping father in Rajshahi