DhakaSunday , 17 October 2021
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The plea lost 40 years ago was returned to his relatives

Md Magem Ali
October 17, 2021 2:06 pm
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Representative of Gurudaspur (Natore).
Minti, a 7-year-old child, is now a 46-year-old woman. About 40 years ago today, at the age of 8, Shishu Minti was lost. Forty years later, Shah Rukh Hossain was found by his family on the initiative of a young man named Nayan. Shahrukh Hossain Nayan handed over Minti to her parents and relatives at Ranigram of Mashinda Union in Gurudaspur upazila of Natore on Sunday afternoon. Minti is the lost daughter of Md. Basher Ali of Ranigram area. Minti and her family members were overwhelmed when they got their own address from their parents and relatives.
According to family sources, the beggars were four brothers and sisters. The plea is small. When Minti was 6 years old, she went to Mymensingh with her cousin Jamai. Minti was suddenly lost at the station at one stage while hanging out with Dulabhai. After much searching, his brother-in-law returned home without finding Minti. They assumed that they would not get Minti anymore. Finally gave up hope of getting back.
At one stage of the incident, while begging, a man named Moslem Uddin took him to his house. There is a big plea. When Minti grew up, she was married to Burhan Uddin, a businessman from Sreepur area of ​​Gazipur. After marriage, she gave birth to four daughters. Minti is married with three daughters and one daughter lives at home. After 40 long years, all the members of the Abeq Applut family found their lost relatives. The family members thanked and thanked the search giver Nayan.