DhakaSunday , 27 February 2022
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Marriage of twin sister with twin brother

Special Correspondent Ishwardi.
February 27, 2022 2:03 pm
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Twin sisters Sadia Khanam and Nadia Khanam are married to twin brothers Selim Mahmud and Sultan Mahmud in Ishwardi upazila of Pabna. The wedding took place on Saturday (February 27) in Darinaricha area of ​​Upazila Road in Ishwardi municipality.

The groom Selim Mahmud and Sultan Mahmud are the sons of Sekendar Ali of Kachu Puri village in Safapur union of Mahadevpur police station in Naogaon district. The bride is Sadia and Nadia, daughter of Quddus Ali of Darinaricha area of ​​Ishwardi town.

It is learned that the bride’s father Quddus Ali and mother Shilpi Khatun wanted to marry the twin girls together. But I didn’t think I would get twins together. They are very happy to get such a gift.

Regarding getting twin grooms, the bride’s father Quddus Ali said a buyer came to the clothes shop of Darinaricha Bau-Bazar in Ishwardi municipal area. At this time the twins liked to see the two sisters. Later, he found twin pots in Naogaon through that buyer. The proposal was then sent to the potter’s family for investigation. After discussion, their wedding date is fixed. The marriage of the twin bride and groom aroused great curiosity among the people of the area. Many villagers have come to the wedding and taken selfies with the twin bride and groom.