DhakaSaturday , 1 June 2024
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Live Suicide encourages others to comit Suicide

Md. Magem Ali Molin
June 1, 2024 6:23 am
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About 1 lakh 23 thousand 62 people have committed suicide in the last ten years. An average of 89,369.6 people committed suicide each year. According to statistics from 2014 to 2023.

Humans are essentially on the way  to death from birth. However, most people want to live long and healthy on earth. There are many people who want to escape from life. To them, living seems like chaos. They are withdrawing themselves from the world in disgust of life. This is called voluntary death or suicide. In this sense, suicide is not only non-death, but also a curse for the family and society. Currently, the trend of suicide in secret as well as live suicide is increasing at an alarming rate in our society. Seeing this, many people are motivated to commit suicide.

According to various reports, the number of suicides in Bangladesh in recent years is about 11 thousand 95 suicides in Bangladesh in 2017, which is an average of about 30 suicides per day.   Earlier years also saw higher numbers such as 10,600 in 2016, 10,500 in 2015 and 10,200 in 2014. According to the annual report of Bangladesh Police, a total of 11,095 people committed suicide in 2018, about 10,000 people in 2019, 14,436 people in 2020 from March to February 2021, 10,000 people in 2022 according to BBS and 10,000 people in 2023 according to the report of Anchal Foundation. 14 thousand 436 men and women committed suicide.Statistics show that 1 lakh 23 thousand 62 people have committed suicide in the last ten years. An average of 89,369.6 people committed suicide each year.

The suicide expert and psychoanalyst Paul Friedmann edited a book in German in 1910 called ‘On Suicide: With Particular Reference to Suicide Among Young Students’. The best psychologists of the time gave their opinion in that book. Most of them consider suicide as a mental disorder in psychiatry. However, Austrian psychiatrist David Ernst Oppenheim disagreed with calling suicide of young people a psychosis.

Basically, there is no exact explanation regarding the circumstances in which people choose to commit suicide. Analyzing several case studies related to suicide leads to further difficulties in determining the cause of suicide. Reasons for suicide vary from person to person, country to country, social context. The reasons and types of suicides of people in Asia, Europe or America are also very different. Again there is a difference in age or gender. For example, the cause of suicide of a 21-year-old youth and a 70-year-old man is not the same. Again, there are differences in suicide rates between men and women. Suicide is not only committed out of personal sadness and depression; Incidents of group suicides are not less in the world. There is an example of this in Bangladesh.

In general, cases of suicide by hanging and consuming poison are high. However, recently, suicides announced through social media or directly live have increased at an alarming rate. Recently, Jahangirnagar University student Arafat Rahman Siam committed suicide by informing everyone through a post on Facebook. Before killing himself, he made a post on Facebook. The title of which was ‘On the Way to Eternity’. Analyzing what he has written in a very long post, it is clear that the body is mortal to him; But the soul is immortal. So he committed suicide to merge his soul with eternity.

Dhaka-based businessman Abu Muhsin Khan committed suicide with his own pistol on Facebook Live. His words reveal the loneliness of civilian life. Many such incidents are happening. A few days ago, Sumon, a young man from Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila, committed suicide on Facebook live. Recently, businessman Swapan Chandra Das committed suicide by hanging himself on Facebook live in Gazipur. A few days later, in December, Comilla’s young Sabuj Sarkar committed suicide by hanging himself on Facebook live. In this way, suicides occurred almost constantly. According to psychiatrists, social media or mass media coverage of these suicides is fueling suicides by announcing them.

However, suicides are not common. Psychoanalysts can offer a variety of structural explanations. But overall it can be said that due to family turmoil, unemployment, failure in love, social financial uncertainty, domestic violence, taking narcotic substances. pressure is created in people’s mind. All people’s mental strength is not the same. Highly emotional people who cannot control their emotions usually lead to death. But according to the French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, people have a thirst for life because they know death as a certain outcome. If you don’t believe in death, living life would be miserable.

Because whatever it is, the rate at which suicides are increasing worldwide is very alarming. Especially in the present time, its amount has increased at an alarming rate. Due to unemployment, depression and depression, the mental health of many people is damaged and this rise in suicide rate occurs. Among the suicides, the number of women is more, but the number of young people is not less. In case of women there are reasons like failure in love, domestic violence, torture by husband, rape etc. When people commit suicide they are not only killing themselves; Rather it kills the hope and confidence of a family. No matter how trivial the cause of a person who commits suicide may be to others, it is a death to the victim’s family.

This increase in suicide will have a negative impact on the socio-economic condition of the country. If the youth of a country is mired in depression and despair, it is bad for the nation. So this destructive trend must be curbed. According to experts, this requires family care, social awareness and government support. Mental health is given a lot of importance in many countries of the developed world. However, the situation is completely opposite in our country.

In order to overcome this condition, mental health should be given importance and the family should be the first to stand next to the suicidal person. He should be encouraged by the family, he should not be left alone. Every educational institution should provide counseling with institutional training in clinical psychology. The state needs to create an effective action plan to prevent suicide along with increasing social awareness. State as well as voluntary organizations can play an important role in public mental health screening. The mind should be kept strong through entertainment. Religious and moral values should be created. Above all, suicide is identified as a national problem and collective efforts are necessary to solve it. Only then is it possible to build a mentally healthy and naturally self-confident nation.