DhakaSunday , 19 May 2024
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The landscape of the village is changing

Md.Magem Ali Molin
May 19, 2024 11:32 am
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Bangladesh’s success during Sheikh Hasina’s government is remarkable. Bangladesh is far ahead in all directions of development after overcoming corruption. The picture of the same development is visible in every place, city or village. It is not a miracle now. The ability to survive in spite of a hundred adversities, remittances (expatriate income), establishment of industrial factories, advanced technology based agriculture system, 100% electrification. Infrastructure development and improvement of rural communication system. Due to which there has been a great change in rural life. There is a lot of difference between village and city life. Can’t be seen. Gram Anchal is progressing in almost all directions except higher education and advanced medical care. The people of the village were lagging behind in all the indicators of development, far from old houses and cars. At one time people in the village used to live in mud houses. There were no roads, paved roads, electricity. They used to live in mud houses or straw huts after crossing the clay soil by boat and burning oil. They could not even eat two handfuls of rice in two meals. And now people of all classes and professions in rural towns are enjoying all the facilities like the people in the city.

The convenience of urban living has now reached the village. Almost every household has fridge, LED TV, oven, washing machine, broadband line, AC air cooler, cylinder gas stove and advanced communication technology within reach. In earlier days, the village girls had to spend their lives under various restrictions and the number of girls who knew how to read and write was very negligible. There is now every house where girls are reading. In the field of education, girls compete with boys on an equal footing. The government has taken major steps in the education of girls. Made primary education compulsory. Every girl in school college is getting stipend. Unpaid education is going on till the end. There is a separate quota for female teachers in primary schools. Misinterpretation of religion, superstition, ignorance or stupidity is on the way out. Khare houses are now a part of the Bilsita of the city people leaving the village. Rural communities have learned that if they cannot educate the next generation, it will be difficult to survive in this competitive world. Boys and girls from middle class families in villages are moving to cities for higher education.

The country’s private banks are now expanding their branches in villages. Agent Bank’s major customers are rural people now. Mobile backing services like Bikash, Rocket, MCash, MyCash, SureCash have now reached every household’s doorstep. Someone in every family is opening a bank account. People in rural towns are starting health insurance, life insurance, pension schemes.

Social media has now gained immense popularity in rural life. The rural audience expressed their reaction after watching Real Madrid or Barcelona play. Many have highlighted their various problems on social media. Android mobile is the winner of every home. Govt distributed Aparajita SIM card free to girls. Expatriates are keeping in touch with their families by using social media on their mobiles, especially Facebook, Imo, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viver, Tango, etc., by viewing photos and making VTO calls. Government has started information and service centers in every union. In order that the rural youth can take part in various vocational activities, the government through the Department of Youth Development is providing computer training, handicraft training, computer training, refrigerator repair training, mobile servicing training, poultry, cattle breeding training.

Rural dirt roads are now turning into back roads. Highways are now being built on what used to be footpaths between the bills. Big bridges are being built on the river, culverts or bridges are being built instead of canals, and the communication system is being modernized gradually. Farmers are now able to market perishable agricultural produce very quickly, thereby reducing financial loss and time for the farmer.

The village boy is also playing a pioneering role in sports. Coming up to the national level of the country, he is keeping the signature of good talent. Most of the players who play in national teams like cricket, football, hadudu, hockey etc. come from rural families. Village school college girls occupy a special place in the history of football in Bangladesh. The medical system has undergone radical changes. Maternal and infant mortality rates have reduced significantly. Postpartum mothers are now keen to seek hospital care. Government and private hospital agencies have developed in villages. The government is building Union Health Hospitals and providing free services there. Electricity is reaching homes, solar electricity is meeting the demand where electricity is difficult to reach. There has also been a change in festivals.

However, it must be admitted that the positive changes that have taken place in the rural economy in the last decade are truly incomparable. As a result of the well thought out policies of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the effective implementation of most of them, almost all the villages of Bangladesh have now been able to connect with the cities. At the same time, people’s own initiative, the application of social capital and the activism of non-governmental organizations should not be forgotten. The private sector is not behind. The service sector’s agility is now almost equally visible in the villages. The presence of tea shops, coffee shops, restaurants, salons, beauty parlours, kindergarten schools, coaching centers, health clinics, diagnostic centers, cyber cafes are now very common even in rural areas. Although population growth has reduced the amount of agricultural land per capita, it has been well offset by the creation of non-agricultural employment in rural areas. Statistics show that now 60 percent of rural income comes from the non-agricultural sector. Young educated entrepreneurs especially digital entrepreneurs are joining this sector more and more. The role of the agricultural sector is not less behind this improvement of the non-agricultural sector. Agriculture is supporting the non-agricultural sector due to increase in supply and demand of inputs. Actually we are walking with two legs.