DhakaWednesday , 2 February 2022
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In Gurudaspur, Kallol Foundation handed over winter clothes to helpless poor people

Md Magem Ali
February 2, 2022 11:10 am
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May humanity win, hand in hand. Let the winter be warm in this place. Public life disrupted by cold and thick fog. In an effort to save Kankon from the cold, the Kallol Foundation has distributed over 500 winter clothes to the helpless and destitute people like every year.
The company has distributed more than 500 blankets and winter clothes in 10 points of the upazila. Besides, they do various kinds of public welfare work at different times. As a result, this voluntary organization received the Joybangla Youth Award in 2016-17. Helpless people, including the people of the happy area, are happy with such an admirable initiative.
Advocate Kohli Quddus Mukti, founder of Kallol Foundation and co-president of Bangladesh Juba Mahila League, stood by them with blankets and winter clothes to save the helpless poor people from the cold. They carry out these activities including 7 unions and municipal headquarters of the upazila throughout the week. In the winter season alone, various activities take place throughout the year. Through its own school dreamer, education of Kamalmati children, drawing of two upazila-wide students, debate competitions, and distribution of food among the orphans and the needy are carried out.

And the members of the organization and the donor members cooperate in this work. They were given enough encouragement by some organizations including the local parliament professor Abdul Quddus. Mukti said, “People without help cannot eat on a full stomach or get treatment for any ailment.” Winter night people without winter clothes can see how they are, how hard they are spending the night. I try to stand by the side of those who do not have the resources to prevent winter with blankets and winter clothes. We also cover tuition fees for a number of students. From handing over food items to passersby and children, we carry out various social programs throughout the year.
General Secretary of the organization Md. Milton Uddin, former president Mokadirul Islam Mintu, lecturers Zahurul Haque, Majem Ali, Sebak Kumar Kundu, Hafizur Rahman, Sohail Rana, Nasrin Sultana Ruma Babu, Sharmin lopa, Raj Kumar Kashi and other members of the foundation were present.