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For 13 years, blind Rahman Molla has been called to prayer the mosque by climbing a bamboo and a rope

Md Magem Ali
May 15, 2024 12:43 pm
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Blind muezzin Abdur Rahman Molla (115) regularly goes to the mosque along the rural paved road. Though bowed down by the weight of age, everything seems defeated by his strong spirit and will power. For 13 years, pedestrians or passengers traveling in vehicles stand and watch the sight of blind muezzin Md. Abdur Rahman Molla crossing the road and entering the mosque with bamboo and rope. This 115-year-old man has been pulling bamboo and rope from his house to the mosque for 13 years to give the call to prayer five times a day. His house is in Baradeha village of Nagar union of Baraigram upazila of Natore. Even though his eyes are not strong, his mental strength and morale have not decreased. Family, relatives and local people are happy with such great work of blind muezzin.

According to local and family sources, Abdur Rahman Molla lost the sight of both eyes in an accident about 20 years ago. He has been blind since 20 years ago. There are two wives and 25 children in the family. 6 of them died but currently 10 daughters and 9 sons and two wives are alive. He established all children. Educated in higher education. Among their sons and daughters, teachers, agricultural officials, doctors, soldiers, businessmen take care of their own land. After becoming blind, he performed the holy Hajj in 2011 with his elder son. After performing Hajj, he built a paved mosque on his five percent land in Baradeha village. From 2011, he started praying in the mosque he established with the people of the village and his children and grandchildren. He is also performing his duty as the muezzin of that mosque.

Abdur Rahman Molla’s son Alhaj Md. Shafiqul Islam Saiful (Master) said, “His father became blind in an accident 20 years ago. He performed Hajj with his father 6 years after becoming blind. After performing Hajj, he expressed his interest in giving the call to prayer five times in the mosque that his father had established. But the mosque is about 200 meters away from the house. So to fulfill his father’s wish, he pulled bamboo and rope from home to the mosque. First, for about 15 days, the sons and grandsons used to take him to the mosque by showing bamboo and rope. Later a stick is also given to the hand to find bamboo or rope easily. Since then, he himself has been crossing the street on bamboo and rope, giving the call to prayer five times a day in the mosque and offering prayers.

Another son Rafiqul Islam (master) said, “His father’s age is 115 years.” Even at this age, he was blind and regularly called out the call to prayer five times and offered prayers. All his family including him are very happy for such great work of father. Moreover, his father established all his brothers. He is proud of his father.

Alhaj Md. Abdur Rahman Molla said, “The Great God has kept him very healthy and normal.” 115 years have passed. Despite being blinded in an accident, he kept his spirit strong. Having established a mosque on his own land, he is performing his duties as a muezzin without pay. He does not feel bad going to the mosque with bamboo and rope. Although there are risks while crossing the road, he still believes that Allah Ta’ala will take him safely to his destination. He also established and married children. Now he wants to die in the way of Islam for the rest of his life. He also invited all Muslims to pray.

Hafez Maulana Md. Abdul Majeed, founder director of Rajshahi Najat Hafizia Qawmiya Madrasah said, “Abdullah Ibn Umm Maktoum used to give adhan for the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace. And he was blind. Abdur Rahman Mollah, even though he is 115 years old, may Allah Almighty be kind to the great work he is doing in the path of Islam. His spirit is very strong. He can be an inspiration to many. Those who were not interested in prayer after seeing him will certainly be interested.