DhakaWednesday , 12 January 2022
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Gurudaspur Upazila Best Mitu wants to be administrative cadre in SSC

Md. Magem Ali Molin
January 12, 2022 10:50 am
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Gurudaspur (Natore) Representative .

Naimunnahar Mitu has passed GPA 5 (Golden) in SSC examination in 2021 in Gurudaspur, Natore. He got 1248 out of 1300 marks from Dharabarisha High School of the upazila and became the best in the upazila. The only daughter of the deceased Montu Miah of Dharabarisha village in Mitu upazila. As much hope of fulfilling mother’s dream with daughter.
According to local and family sources, Mitu was born into a very poor family. He has to continue struggling with poverty. Father Mintu Mia died while still in first grade. Even though his father died, Mitu’s indomitable will power and lack could not suppress him. Strong morale and regular hard work are leading him to success. Mother Asma Khatun is helping him to fulfill his dream by giving him shade like a banyan tree. As a result, Mitu is keeping his signature of merit at once.

Md. Sher-e-Alam, headmaster of Dharabarisha High School and Masud Rana, primary school teacher said that despite struggling with poverty, Mitu got GPA 5 (Golden) in PEC in 2015 and also in JAC in 2016. Besides, he got scholarship in Talentpur and won first place in both primary and eighth class examinations. Mitu is a very talented and hardworking student. Although he was absent, he was never absent from Kashmir. We have cooperated as much as we can. However, they have requested the cooperation of the rich people of the society to keep the field of higher education active.

Naimunnahar Mitu said that he is continuing his education by fighting poverty in a poor family. Wealth means 15 percent of the land left by father Mintu Mia and one lakh rupees in cash. With that, his mother is running the family with great difficulty. At the same time, Mitu is also bearing the cost of education. Mitu also said that his success was due to the immense mercy of the great creator, his own efforts, the tireless work of his mother, the overall cooperation of the teachers and the inspiration of well-wishers including relatives. Mitu’s dream is to finish higher education in the future and become an administrative cadre to serve the motherland and work for the helpless people who are left behind in the society.