DhakaSunday , 6 February 2022
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Good news for Hero Alam in Nipun’s victory; Make movies in the country

Entertainment desk.
February 6, 2022 6:20 am
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There was a lot of discussion and criticism about the election of Bangladesh Film Artists Association. Today, Saturday (February 5), the Chairman of the Appellate Board, Sohanur Rahman, rejected the candidature of Sohan Zayed Khan and declared the actress Nipun as the uncontested winner of the post of General Secretary.

After declaring Nipun the winner, he said with tears in his eyes, “Truth has won. I had a lot of documents. I went to Peerzadar many times on the 28th, he did not help me. You will pray for me. I have nothing more to say. “

Meanwhile, Hero Alam has been repeatedly insulted by going to FDC regarding the election of Film Artists Association. And he has announced to leave the movie with that difficulty. But after declaring Nipun as the winner, he has changed his mind, Hero Alam will make movies in the country again. He confirmed the matter while talking to the media.

“My panel has won,” said Hero Alam. The Elias Kanchan-Nipun panel wanted to make me a member of the Film Artists Association. I am very happy with Nipun Upper’s victory. I will make movies in the country again. ‘