DhakaFriday , 28 April 2023
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What is happening in the name of journalism!

Md. Magem Ali Molin
April 28, 2023 6:59 am
Link Copied!

Md. Magem Ali Molin.Due to illegal journalism, a dire situation may arise in the country soon. Arman Ali joined rural politics after failing the SSC examination in 2010. He developed good relations with local journalists through political contacts to become a journalist. After six months he got an opportunity to work in a local online newsportal. After that he started extortion through threats, blackmailing, extortion etc. and many people in the area started to consider him as a so called journalist. Not only Arman, many so-called journalists like Arman can be seen in the rural Area.

In the past, to become a journalist one had to have minimum qualifications and at least write for a few years in a local paper. Juniors have to chase after seniors year after year. After that, if the luck was good, he would get a chance in the national newspaper by burning charcoal with great difficulty. Some ended up writing for local newspapers. Now all a journalist needs is an expensive bike, a camera and an online or unregistered magazine-YouTube or any page. Sometimes the editor and sometimes the publisher both manage to achieve the glory of being the editor. These journalists again get various honors (bought with money). Then we want to hide our heads in shame.

According to the international news agency BBC, more than 6 thousand people are involved in journalism in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Those who have no educational qualification. Which is very useful for professional journalism.  A Business Standard published an article on yellow journalism on 22 October 2021. In this article, Mahfuz Anam, a prominent journalist of Bangladesh, was quoted as saying in the report that yellow journalism, being a professional journalist, should be careful about journalism in rural areas.

Bangladesh Press Institute published a study on illegal journalism titled ‘Growth of Illegal Journalism in Rural Areas of Bangladesh’. It is reported in the newspaper that some local journalists are blackmailing the Aam Janata using the opportunity of journalism.

It has been noticed that political leaders, religious leaders, students-teachers, thieves-butchers, robbers, money changers and even cadres are in the list of this journalist. This message is not meant to belittle or discourage anyone but to warn the new generation. There is no dearth of people in this profession who cannot even pronounce the word journalist properly.

Seeing their behavior, Wished to throw away the pen in shame.  grassroots journalism  already has been in a dilapidated condition. Failure to produce a worthy successor would be an injustice to this great profession. Far from writing creative, investigative news, they also copy and paste news on a regular basis. But it is difficult to introduce journalism in the gossip of those yellow journalists. Even sitting in a row at the invitation of the administration felt helpless.

At present some (unregistered) newspapers and YouTube channels are running the business of recruiting journalists across the country. On that occasion, they are buying ID cards in exchange for money and extorting money.

 In this regard, they are also earning good income as journalists. Many of these journalists are said to have educational qualifications up to the fifth standard. These so-called journalists take hostages with special benefits if they are killed by murder, suicide, accidents, drugs, smuggling, injuries or fights while digging ponds at various places. They believe that special benefits can be taken in administration, law and police departments only if they are journalists. It is with this attitude that these famous people of the copy paste brand turn to journalism. Walk from village to town. Lately, it appears that some corrupt and dishonest public and private officials are afraid of them, even praising them as journalists. Many are becoming journalists overnight by taking selfies with some big leaders. However, they do not have the necessary rules and regulations for the basic training of journalists.

According to Wikipedia, yellow journalism is no different from the past, although it seems to be more prevalent now. Journalism is supposed to focus on objectively presented facts, yellow journalism does not.

According to various sources journalism of the past and present day journalism are very different especially due to regulations like ICT and digital law. However, the number of yellow journalism is increasing. This is a bad omen for our country. Now is the time to stop them. Otherwise a bad time awaits us.

In this way, some journalists are also bringing cadres in this profession to form their team (press club) heavier.  As a result, the number of disreputable journalists is increasing in every area and the number of press clubs is also increasing. Sadly, many are becoming writers and columnists again, writing a few lines. So if not reined in now, a dire situation may arise in the country soon, as such people are once again immersed in superstition. Maulana Delwar Hussain Saidi Sahib can send to other planets than moon. But the issue is who will see these irregularities and who will take action. In fact, who will ring the bell in the cat’s neck?

An incident in the New York Evening Post quoted William Randolph Hearst as saying, “The time has come when these yellow journalists must be discredited or get out of here, and he is ready to do it now. This is the lowest form of New York. The degradation of city journalism. Honest speech and fair discussion.” Instead is considered the worst and most defamatory.” Now is the time to get out of them. Otherwise it will be difficult to rein in.

# Assistant Professor and Head of Department at (Sociology), RoseyMozammel Women’s Honors College, President Gurudaspur Model Press club.