DhakaWednesday , 26 January 2022
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Three movies of Hero Alam are coming

Mustakim Jony
January 26, 2022 2:47 pm
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Ashraful Alam, a young man from Bogra. To everyone he is Hero Alam. He is regularly working on acting, production and music. As soon as his works are published, they go viral on social media. Three of his movies will be released this year. He also said that work on five more movies is underway. Hero Alam shared the information with the media on Tuesday (January 25).

Hero Alam said, “If Corona is a little normal, I will release three of my movies this year.” The movies are ‘Bou Jamai er Lorai’ ‘Nosto Hobar kosto’ and ‘Tokai’. The movie Tokai was supposed to be released last year. But I couldn’t release him because of Corona.

“I have five more movies,” said Hero Alam. I will finish these five movies this year. I have that desire. I am currently busy with various events and stage shows. I hope to be able to return to movie shooting in a few days.

Regarding the selection of the Film Artists Association, he said, “I am asking everyone to vote for Elias Kanchan and the Nipun panel in the selection of the Film Artists Association.” Hopefully, if the election is fair, this panel will win by a huge margin. I pray to God. Given the current state of the industry and the artists’ association, talented people like Mr. Kanchan are very much needed as guardians of the artists. We need people like Nipun Apar and Riaz brothers.

Hero Alam said, I am not a member of Shilpi Samiti. As a filmmaker, I want filmmakers to be free from the clutches of bad people. Let’s work well and survive.