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Married Life is Complicated Life (Episode-7)

Sadiqul Niyogi Panni
January 21, 2023 11:27 am
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I need a Tu, even for this winter.’ I noticed the Facebook status of a younger brother named Joy Chakraborty Immediately I called and asked, ‘I have read your Facebook status. If you have something to do as an elder brother, you can say it.

Joy said with some hesitation, ‘Brother, winters are more severe in my area. A blanket does not work. So it would be better to have another person with you.

“Keep a friend or younger brother at home for the winter.”

Brother, you are pretending not to understand. The lover is pressing for marriage. So I made an excuse.

I smiled and said, ‘Tell your parents.’

I dare not say. I will tell someone, there is no one who is reliable. If you had played the role of an elder brother, it would have been of great benefit.’

“Benefit or disadvantage, you will understand after marriage. I will come to your house this week.

Jai happily thanks and hangs up the phone.

Before the onset of cold weather, a system must be in place to win. With this in mind, I went to their house on a holiday.

Joy’s father was at home. Surprised and happy at my arrival. Joy asked her mother to arrange tea and breakfast for me.

I finished breakfast and sat facing uncle with tea. Letting him sip the tea, I said, ‘Uncle, it seems that it will be more cold now.’

He shook his head yes and said, ‘Environmental disaster has happened. The cold will increase.

‘Uncle, many people have mental breakdowns in winter. If you cooperate, it is possible to save one from disaster.’ Uncle inquired about the incident with interest.

I said, ‘It would have been better if Joy’s marriage had been arranged this winter. He dare not say because of fear. I came to convince you.

‘Dad, I got married thirty years ago. Spending time in disaster every day. I don’t want to leave the boy in danger so quickly knowingly.

I explained to uncle. He finally agreed.


After a month of marriage, Joy’s phone call, ‘Brother, save me!’

I panicked, “What happened again?”

‘Brother, I’m suffocating. I will die any night!’

Now is the time for you to be happy. You got one before the cold snap.’

“You are the one who is ending my life, brother.”

“Tell me about the problem.”

“Brother, after marriage, I had to travel mountains and seas with my wife for several weeks.”

Travel increases life. I heard from the elders.

My life expectancy is decreasing day by day brother. Going to the mountains, the wife does not want to leave the resort. What is there to see the mountains? Sit in the room and watch me. I went to the sea. In the name of fun, they dipped me and fed me several liters of water. I returned home with fever and cold. I am facing new problems without getting well. At night you have to sleep in a blanket.

Your winter is too cold. Well done.’

“Brother, I get boiled in a few hours in the blanket. I am being tortured.

You sleep with a separate blanket or pillow. The problem of both will be solved.

I tried. The wife says I chat with my girlfriends on the mobile phone from inside a separate blanket.

‘How can I help you now!’, much like the customer service people.

Joy said, ‘I want to be free in winter and summer, even in all seasons.’

“Brother, if you find any such strategy, let me know.” I hung up the phone saying this.