DhakaThursday , 3 February 2022
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Jarin Zara in the presentation of the competition

Md Magem Ali
February 3, 2022 3:19 pm
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Entertainment desk.
The face color present ‘Mr. and Miss Fresh Look: Season 4’ has started. And young popular presenter Jarin Zara Khan is in charge of presenting this event
In the meantime, the judges have selected the best 50 boys and girls out of hundreds of contestants in the audition.

The selection process is done in two stages, first the contestants face the judges of the jury Shipon Mitra and Sanju John, super model Tania Jasmine, international makeup artist Salma Sarwar Kavita and fashion designer and choreographer Rakib Babu. Where they have to fight to get the yes card to go to the next round.

The second audition round will start with them in a few days. The panel of judges includes film director Masood Zakaria Sabin, ramp queen and choreographer Bulbul Tumpa, ramp and choreographer Maria Kispatta and fashion choreographer Emu Hasmi.

Commenting on the event, Jarin Zara Khan said, “It is a very enjoyable competition. Many experiences are being transmitted from now on. I am doing a lot of work. ‘