DhakaTuesday , 1 February 2022
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Not only in the country, I will work in kalkata from now 

Banalata Desk.
February 1, 2022 12:21 pm
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Hero Alam Annoyed at Dhallywood, Hero Alam has decided to go to Tollywood and make a movie. He himself confirmed this information to Daily Banalata on Tuesday afternoon.

Hero Alam said, “I talked to a director from Kolkata this morning. I will go there and make a movie. I will produce.” Asked about the names of the director and the movie, he said, “I don’t want to say right now. When Corona is finished, I will go there, then I will tell the names of the director, the heroine, the name of the movie.

‘Earlier on Monday morning, Hero Alam said live from his Facebook page, I thought about many things, I will not go to FDC, I will not make any more films. I’ve made five films, and I won’t. Because I have seen that the people of this civil society will not accept me. The people in the movie will never accept me. ‘ In that live, Hero Alam complained that director Shaheen Sumon had insulted him. He then announced the decision on Tuesday. Besides, in a status on Facebook, Hero Alam wrote, “I will work in Kolkata from now on, not in the country.”