DhakaSaturday , 23 March 2024
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“Indians wear sarees, get medical treatment and call for product boycott is hypocrisy”

Md Magem Ali
March 23, 2024 1:54 pm
Link Copied!

Foreign Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hasan Mahmud said that many products in Bangladesh come from India. Some border trade also takes place legally across thousands of kilometers of border. The main objective of BNP’s call for boycott of Indian products is to destabilize the country’s market and increase the price of goods, so that the people suffer.

After the chief guest’s speech at the district development coordination meeting at Chittagong Circuit House on Saturday afternoon, the foreign minister said these things when reporters asked about the call for boycott of Indian products by some parties including BNP.

Addressing the BNP leaders, the foreign minister said, “You will eat onion from India, your leader will wear saree from India, your field leaders will also wear Indian saree, you will eat Iftar with beef from India, eat Sehri, go for treatment in India, and you are Indian. Call for product boycotts – these are nothing but hypocrisy. The real objective of BNP is to increase the price of goods by destabilizing the market in the country.

Dr. Hasan also said that Mr. Rizvi burnt his own shawl along with those who called for boycott of Indian products. Actually, I don’t know whether he bought the shawl from India or from Bangabazar.