DhakaSunday , 3 December 2023
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Tanushree’s dream of becoming a doctor will remain elusive!

Lecturer Md. Magem Ali Molin.
December 3, 2023 12:14 pm
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Tanushree Roy, alias Tanu. Mother Dulali Roy took charge of the family of four after the untimely death of her father. Working as a tailor, he runs the family very hard. Tanu paid for her education from a young age through private tutoring. Despite all the hardships, he got GPA-5 from science department in this year’s HSC exam. His results are always good. Tanu also got GPA-5 from science department in SSC exam including PSC, JSC. His dream is to become a doctor and serve the neglected people including the Dalit community. But will his hope be materially fulfilled or will his dream remain elusive?

That China is picking him up all the time. The girl who grew up struggling with poverty is now worried about studying medicine. His family is unsure whether his dream will come true.

According to his family, Tanu’s father Tapan Roy was a ticket master of Shyamoli Paribahan in Dhaka. He died eight years ago due to an incurable disease. As a result Tanu’s mother Dulali Roy became a widow at a young age. With her son Deepta (11), Tanu’s mother worked as a tailor and somehow managed the family. Tanu’s father’s house is in Pabna’s Shal Garhiya. Due to scarcity, many disabled carpenters took shelter in Kanai Lal Sutradhar’s house at Chanchkod Khalifapara in Gurdaspur, Natore. There he studied very hard. Tanur’s grandparents gave a piece of inventory for living but could not provide any financial support. Even though their family runs on sewing machines, Tanu used to support her expenses by giving tuition. Although his uncle had borne some incidental expenses, it was not possible for him to bear the entire expenses.

Tanu’s uncle Vipul Sutradhar said, after running a family of 7-8 members in the market of increasing commodity prices, it has become very difficult to bear the expenses of the family of the sister and the education of the niece. On top of that, Tanu got GPA-5 from Pabna Government Edward College in HSC exam. There is no end to Tanu’s regret that he did not get Golden GPA-5 because he got 2 marks less in Bengali subject.

Tanu says that she wants to become a doctor in the future. But due to lack of ability, the dream of studying in medical college is fading. Looking at the body of mother and grandmother, it seems that he may have to study honors in a local college. I don’t see any other way.

Tanu’s mother Dulali Roy said that her daughter’s dream of becoming a doctor would have been fulfilled if she had received sponsorship. Tanu has a strong desire for education since childhood. Despite all the hardships, the girl pays for her education by taking private tuitions. Now he wants to study medicine, but not everyone’s wishes are fulfilled. If you get any patronage, maybe the dream can be fulfilled by God’s grace. Otherwise, the dream will remain elusive.