DhakaTuesday , 21 March 2023
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Peace is returning to the village because of Shanti Nivas!

Md.Magem Ali Molin
March 21, 2023 12:45 pm
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When the court is frozen in the tangle of cases. Cases are going on in the existing courts. Suffering, irregularity in the backlog of cases when the judicial candidates are in a suffocating condition. Just then the village court is getting stronger. At one time, the village people were harmed and killed by the village mobs without trial. With the passage of time, the system of peace and justice is returning there today. Due to which the common people of the village found a village court called Shantir Nibas. Where you are getting the solution with a fee of only 100 to 200 rupees. Money is being saved, sufferings are also being reduced. Mokhleshur Raman, a 70-year-old retired head teacher of Durgapur village in Biaghat union of Gurdaspur upazila of Natore, shared his feelings after getting a fair trial in the village court.

A village court named Shanti Nibas has been established in Biaghat Union Parishad of Gurdaspur Upazila of Natore. There is a “village court” that sits 2 days a week. The present Union Parishad chairman, members and dignitaries have appeared in that court to give evidence and evidence in favor of the plaintiff and the defendant. The judges are listening to both the sides with rapt attention and the verdict is pronounced in a peaceful environment. Both parties accept the verdict announced unanimously. The village court is gradually gaining trust as a place for Trinamool people living in villages to get their legal rights.

According to the investigation, 28 thousand 775 people live in 10 villages of that union. Arbitration meetings are held on Wednesdays and Fridays during the week. 5 to 7 cases were completed in that meeting. In this way, 20 to 25 village cases are tried every month.

Md. Majnu Pramanik of Yogendranagar village said, “In our area, if there is any small fight, land dispute, family dispute, quarrel with neighbors, we first go to the chairman’s Shanti Nibas instead of going to the police station.

Belal Hossain, ward number 7 member of Biaghat Union Parishad, said, I have been engaged in the service of people for 15 years. But in the past, rural Shalish was less. At present, more than two hundred trials have been completed in a year.

Upazila Biaghat Union Parishad Chairman Md. Mizanur Rahman Souza said that despite the many limitations of the village court, judicial work has to be completed in the greater interest of the people. Many times some people are temporarily upset, but later understand and say it is good.

AHM Ekramul Haque Khokon, Head of Department of Political Science, Gurdaspur Rosi Mozammel Women Honors College, said that despite the limitations of the village court, its effectiveness is very important. Because big accidents are born from small things. So if the problems can be nipped in the bud then major incidents usually do not happen.