DhakaFriday , 3 February 2023
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Crime Patrol saw school student killed after kidnapping, 5 students arrested

Own Correspondent, Khulna
February 3, 2023 2:08 pm
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Nirav Mondal (13), a student of class VII, was strangled to death after being kidnapped in Khulna with a rope tied around his neck. Police arrested five students of the same school for their involvement in the incident. The police said that they planned the kidnapping after watching the Indian Crime Patrol serial and demanded a ransom of 30 lakh rupees.

The deceased Nirav is the son of Shekhar Mandal, a betel nut trader in Gutudia Purvapara area of Dumuria upazila in Khulna.

The arrested are Sohail Mollah (15), Hirak Roy (15) and Pitu Mondal (14), 10th standard student Piyal Roy (15) and 6th standard student Dweep Mondal (13) of Gutudia Secondary School. Among them, Piyal’s house is in Bhandarpara Teligati area of Dumuria and four others are in Gutudia area.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Dumuria Police Station Sheikh Kani Mia told Dhaka Post that Nirav Mandal Gutudia is a seventh grade student of ACGB Secondary School. On Thursday (February 2) after school vacation, a boy named Payal called Nirav. Pitu, Sohail and Dweep were staying in an abandoned building behind the school. As soon as Nirav was taken there, they grabbed his legs and wanted to shut his mouth. Besides, the rope was hanging on the island. According to the detainees, their plan was to take money from his father unconscious. But they hanged him first. 2-3 people pull the rope, Nirav dies instantly.

He further said that they locked Nirav’s body there and fled. Hirak’s duty was to collect Nirav’s father’s mobile number. Called that number and demanded a ransom of Tk 30 lakh from Nirav’s father. After learning about the matter, we arrested five people from different places with the help of information technology. Before recovering the body, we arrested Sohail first. Dwip, Piyal and Pitu were later arrested. And after the body was recovered, Hirak was arrested.

Later, according to their confession, I went to the abandoned building of the school after 11 pm. At that time, the headmaster of the school, local people and public representatives were present. The body was found covered with a dirty cloth in a room of the building. Nirav had a school bag on his shoulder. Then we recovered the body. The case is being prepared in this case.

OC Connie Mia said the detainees were motivated by watching an episode of Crime Patrol. According to that plan, who will have what role, they have taken roles accordingly. They admitted their involvement in the incident. They demanded a ransom of 30 lakh rupees after seeing Crime Patrol and acted according to what to do first and then.

He said that the trend of juvenile crime has increased socially. Part of that is why the boys are so easily emboldened to commit such a heinous crime. They said Nirav was kidnapped for money. But before realizing anything, he was strangled to death with a rope. Preparations are underway to send five people arrested in this incident to court. The body has been sent to Khulna Medical College Hospital morgue for post-mortem.

Shekhar Mandal, father of deceased Nirav Mandal, told Dhaka Post that Nirav did not come after the school holidays. Then someone on the phone demands money for Nirav’s release and asks him not to inform the police. At this time I said I will inform the police, then the phone was cut. I reported the matter to Dumuria police station. Police tracked that mobile number and arrested them.

He said, in such a way that no parent’s chest is empty. We want those involved in the murder to be punished.