DhakaWednesday , 11 January 2023
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The pre-primary education program is being launched this year

Special Correspondent.
January 11, 2023 12:12 pm
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A two-year pre-primary education program is being launched on an experimental basis this year. The National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) has completed the necessary preparations in this regard. On Wednesday, NCTB member (primary education) Professor Dr. AKM Riazul Hasan told reporters this information.

He said that the experimental pre-primary level will be introduced in two-year primary schools from the current academic year for children above the age of four years. Necessary learning materials and teacher guides have been prepared for this.

He also said that pre-primary education program will be started in 3 thousand 214 educational institutions this year. Then in 2024 it will be launched in all primary level educational institutions of the country.

Recently, an office order signed by the Director General of the Department of Primary Education, Shah Rizwan Hayat said that teachers trained in pre-primary education will conduct 2-year pre-primary classes in their respective schools. He will teach another class of the school after conducting the pre-primary class for 2 years. At the beginning of the year, the routine should be formulated by including the said activities.

It also said that pre-primary classes above 4 years of age will be conducted with 30 children. However, if the number of children admitted is more than 30, they have to provide pre-primary education through alternative arrangements (opening more than one branch). However, if opening multiple branches or batches is not possible at all, it can be managed by adopting suitable flexible strategies. A separate attendance register should be maintained for classes above 4 and 5 years. Pre-primary children above 4 years of age and children above 5 years of age cannot have class activities conducted at the same time, in the same classroom, or be seated behind students of higher classes. Pre-primary education programs cannot be conducted in open spaces, balconies or under trees.

Currently in primary schools, children over the age of five attend the one-year pre-primary level and proceed to class one. If the two-year curriculum is implemented, the child will go to school only after the age of four and at the pre-primary level until the age of six. If they are more than six years old, they will go to first class.

Pre-primary education was first introduced in the country in 2010 on a small scale. Then in 2014, one-year pre-primary education was introduced in all government primary schools.

Government primary schools in the country until now had a one-year pre-primary level for children between the ages of five and six, known as the ‘Shishu Hiru’. Play, Nursery and KG classes in English medium and Kindergarten fall within the Pre-Primary level.