DhakaTuesday , 3 January 2023
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Sumai will not have to jump to school anymore

District representative, Dinajpur
January 3, 2023 12:08 pm
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11-year-old Sumai may no longer have to go to school on one leg. Now he will go to school walking normally like other children. Sumaiya’s operation was successfully completed at the National Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Institute or Pangu Hospital in the capital yesterday, Monday (January 2).

On August 20 last year, a news item titled Sumaiya went to school by jumping on one leg and crossing 1 km was published in the Dhaka Post. After seeing the news, Virmukti Joddha of Dinajpur’s Chirirbandar Upazila received the Independence Medal and the head of the Orthopedic Department of the capital’s LabAid Hospital. M Amjad Hossain took charge of Sumaiya’s treatment. Following this, Sumaiya was operated on Monday at the National Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Institute or Pangu Hospital in the capital.

According to family sources, Sumaiya got small pox at the age of two. A few days later he developed a fever. From then on his legs began to bend slowly. Sumaiya grows up. But, his legs are no longer straight. From then on he started walking on one leg. One day his family took him to the local Kaviraj on the advice of a neighbor. Kabiraj gives medicine and says that taking this medicine will get better, but Sumaiya’s leg is not getting better. He grew up with crooked legs.

Meanwhile, he is not willing to stop with the title of ‘Physically Handicapped’. When he was 5 years old, his parents admitted him to school. He also started studying. But not normally, he has to jump about two kilometers to and from school every day.

Sumaiya Akhter is the daughter of Shafiqul Islam, a rickshaw puller of Alipara, Alokdihi Union, Chirirbandar Upazila, Dinajpur. She is a 4th standard student of North Alokdihi Government Primary School.

Sumaiya’s father Shafiqul Islam told Dhaka Post, “I treated my daughter in many places. But, I did not get any results. Later, when the news about my daughter was published, our upazila Muktijudda Dr. Amjad Bhai and Laila Apa, female vice chairman of Chirirbandar Upazila, came forward. Besides, many people in the society cooperated in various ways for my daughter’s treatment. By God’s grace, the girl’s operation was completed successfully. My daughter can talk now. Dr. Amjad Bhai is bearing all the operational expenses of the hospital. I want everyone’s prayers and support for my daughter.

In this regard, Chirirbandar Upazila Women’s Vice Chairman Laila Banu told Dhaka Post, I saw the video of Sumaiya walking to school on Facebook and there is no news from her home. I am not responsible for the initial medical care required. Later, the head of the Orthopedic Department of LabAid Hospital in Dhaka, Dr. I took Sumaiya to Amjad Hossain Bhai. Amjad brother saw Sumaiya and said that if the operation is done, he will be able to walk somewhat normally, even if not completely normal. Sumaiya was operated on Monday at the National Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Institute or Pangu Hospital in Dhaka. He is healthy now.

Dr. Virmuktijodha in this regard. M Amjad Hossain told Dhaka Post, I came to know about Sumaiya through social media. Later Chirirbandar Upazila Women Vice Chairman Laila Banu came to my chamber with Sumaiya’s parents. His father is a very poor man. Runs the family by driving a van. So they don’t have money to operate the girl. Later I am not in charge of Sumaiya’s operation. He had his first operation yesterday. Let’s hope that he will recover after another operation after a few days.