DhakaSunday , 11 December 2022
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Neymar could not, Ronaldo could not, Messi can?

Sports desk.
December 11, 2022 1:14 pm
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Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo left the World Cup in tears two days in a row. Coming to Qatar with the dream of winning the world, had to return from the last eight, empty handed.

Neymar is gone, Ronaldo is gone, but can Lionel Messi take the World Cup trophy? Messi’s Argentina in front of only 2 matches, 180 minutes! If you can play the best game for 180 minutes, the elusive trophy will be held by Messi.

Messi will face Croatia in the semi-finals on Tuesday. If Croat overcomes the obstacle, he may have to fight in the final fight with France or Morocco. Can Messi make a great game in the World Cup and make his country regret 36 years?

From the first match in the World Cup, Messi is fierce. He has scored 4 goals in 5 matches so far, ending his goal drought in the knockout stages for the first time. And scored two goals. Played in all matches from start to finish. His contribution to Argentina’s goals in these 5 matches is almost half, 46 percent. That is, Messi’s contribution to victory is 46 percent and the contribution of the other 10 is 54 percent!

Neymar also played great from that point of view. Couldn’t play two matches due to injury. Returned to the knockout stage. After playing three matches, he scored two goals and scored one. His contribution to Brazil’s goals is 33 percent. In the quarter-finals, he gave the lead with a great goal in the 105th minute of extra time. It is considered to be one of the best goals of the current World Cup. But after conceding a goal 3 minutes before the end, Brazil has to wait another 4 years for the World Cup.

Compared to Messi-Neymar, Ronaldo had a forgettable World Cup. Had to lose against Morocco 1-0. Ronaldo lost the opportunity in the first eleven in this World Cup. Controversy was companion. An explosive interview at the start of the World Cup broke ties with Man United. Ronaldo scored 1 goal in 5 matches. Played 60 percent of the starting XI, and played 64 percent of the time. His contribution to goals is 8 percent.

Compared to individual performances, Messi is far ahead of Neymar-Ronaldo. And if they can hold on to it for just two more matches, they won’t have to bid a tearful farewell like they did. Or Messi will walk that way?