DhakaWednesday , 30 November 2022
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Ajab Madrasa in Pirgacha, 15 teachers teaching 6 students

Labani Yasmin
November 30, 2022 11:19 am
Link Copied!

15 teachers are teaching only 6 students in Subid Dakhil Madrasa of Pirgacha Upazila of Rangpur. Don’t come to Super Madrasa. He is busy with politics. Other teachers come after 2/4 days just attend and leave. Locals are worried about the bad condition of the madrasa.

Although there are 150 students on paper, 6 to 8 people attend every day. Apart from the teacher, there are 2 more employees. In all, the government spends 3 lakh 1 thousand 821 taka per month for 17 teachers and employees.

On visiting the school, it was seen that although the annual examination started on November 23, 6 students were found in the madrasa. Even though it is an exam, they open the book and write. Out of 6 class rooms, 2 rooms have nothing but 12 benches. There are only 7 chairs for 17 teachers and staff.

Locals complain that the activities of this madrasa, which was established three centuries ago, have been going on like this for the past 7 years. The teachers are also angry because of the irregularities and corruption of Super Anwarul Islam due to the absence of the president. Residents expressed anger about how they get their salaries in such a madrasa.

Established in 1985, Subid Dakhil Madrasa is now a Bhutur house on the east side of Chaudhurani railway station in Pirgacha upazila. There are two tin shed houses but no doors and windows. A bathroom for urinals, that too is in a dilapidated condition since long. The image that was seen on the surface. At that time, a teacher named Shahadul Islam was teaching a class 10 student in a class room. In another class room there are only 5 students. Seeing the journalist, some teachers called some students from the neighboring Hafezia Madrasa and pretended to give the exam. But the students frankly admitted it to the journalists.

There is no computer or laptop in the madrasa even though there is a computer teacher named Mahmuda Begum. Hafezia madrasa students dressed said, we only come to take exams, nothing more. Some other students came to the madrasa ground at 12 noon naked. They are coming to take the exam, without notebooks and pens. Residents are shocked at such a picture.

Local Mominul Islam, Suman Mia, Abdul Hakim said, this is a strange madrasa. For a long time, the superintendent of the madrasa, Anwarul Islam, misled the upazila executive officer and signed the salary and allowances. Due to his corruption, the madrasa has become deadlocked today. The student quota is zero. This would not have happened if a strong steering committee had been formed with donors and local dignitaries. We are demanding to bring back the education environment of madrasas by stopping the salaries and allowances of local teachers and employees.

Madrasah co-super Abul Hossain. Fakrul Islam, teacher Sakhawat Hossain, Yunuch Ali Basunia, Hasan Ali said, “This condition of the madrasa is due to super.” He doesn’t listen to anyone. Do not come to Madrasa. All the papers of the madrasa are with him. There is nothing in the madrasa. We are helpless to him.

Madrasa Superintendent Anwarul Islam said on the phone, “I don’t know if the teachers and staff have come or not.” i’m out The madrasa is running properly.

Upazila Academic Supervisor Farukuzzaman Dakua said that UNO signed the bill. We are Nidhiram Sardar. We have nothing to do.
Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) Mucha Nasser Chowdhury, who is in charge of the Upazila Executive Officer, said that the secondary education officer has been informed about the matter. And UNO will take necessary measures in this regard.