DhakaSunday , 20 November 2022
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Students in Japa march by skipping class

Banalata Desk.
November 20, 2022 1:06 pm
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At the time when the students are supposed to be in class, they joined the march with school bags on their shoulders. Even though they are not old enough to understand politics, about a hundred school students have joined the political program to support the leaders. Such participation of students can be seen in the Jatiya Party protest march in Myensingh on Sunday (November 20).

They are students of RK High School, Muktagacha. They came to Mymensingh Nagar, 16 km away from the upazila, to participate in the procession. Teachers say that such participation of students in political programs is absolutely not desirable.

It has been reported that the District Jatiya Party (Kader Panthi) held a protest march in Mymensingh demanding the withdrawal of the case filed against the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Jatiya Sangsad and Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader MP. The protest procession was taken out from the premises of Burapi shrine in Mymensingh city around 2:15 pm on Sunday. The procession circumambulated the important roads of the city and held a short rally in front of the Press Club on CK Ghosh Road. It can be seen that hundreds of students participated in the procession. Those under the age of 14. They were wearing school dresses and carrying bags on their shoulders.

Japa leader Salahuddin Ahmed spoke to the students who were marching with slogans in the name of Mukti. The elder brothers of the area brought them to the procession.

In this regard, Jatiya Party Central Committee Vice-Chairman and Mymensingh District Branch Member Secretary Salahuddin Ahmed Mukti said that since there is student politics in schools and colleges, students will come to the march meeting. Those who do ideological student politics don’t care if they wear school dress or anything else. They only care about the leader’s problem.

Nazrul Islam, Acting Headmaster of RK High School in Muktagacha said, “I was not aware of the fact that the students of my school would go to the procession. Those who went to the procession did not come to school. Many are associated with different parties. Their ‘elder brothers’ told them the day before and then they skipped school and went to the procession. This is by no means the right thing to do. These are the ones who go to storm. Leaders are ruining the future of students.

He further said, on behalf of the school, we have counseled the students, informed the parents. It cannot be prevented in any way. In order to prevent it, teachers, parents and leaders have to take a joint initiative.