DhakaFriday , 11 November 2022
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Corona vaccine makes cancer treatment more effective: Study

International Desk
November 11, 2022 1:28 pm
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Vaccination is the most effective tool that humans have so far to fight the corona epidemic that started in December 2019. If the mass vaccination program was not carried out in the country, the infection-death rate of corona in the world would have been much higher.

However, apart from preventing epidemics, another beneficial aspect of this vaccine has been discovered. Researchers from Germany’s Bonn and China’s Shangji University have said that the corona vaccine plays a very helpful role in the treatment of cancer of the pharynx (voice box and its surrounding area).

In the research paper, they said, pharyngeal cancer patients who completed two doses of the corona vaccine were more likely to recover from their cancer faster than unvaccinated patients. Cancer treatment is also effective in their case at a higher rate.

A press release from Forest University on Friday said about this latest research, ‘Most cancer cells are capable of destroying the immune system of the human body. Cancer cells produce a type of receptor called PD-1, by which the cancer cells destroy the immune system (of the human body).’

Research has shown that the corona vaccine can significantly reduce the ability of cancer cells to produce PD-1 receptors. This has been observed especially in patients suffering from cancer of the pharynx.
“The first step in cancer treatment is to reduce the rate at which (cancer) cells make the PD-1 receptor. This is done through medication. Those who have completed two doses of the corona vaccine, require less medication and have higher recovery rates. Because the effect of corona vaccine reduces the ability of cells to make receptors.

This research paper has been published in the international science journal Science Alert. It is said there, after checking the medical information of 1,537 patients with pharyngeal cancer in 23 hospitals in China, researchers from Germany and China came to this conclusion. They observed that among the patients who received two doses of the Chinese corona vaccine Sinovac, they recovered much faster than the other patients.

A member of the research team and professor of Shangji University. Jian Li told AFP about this, ‘Out of 1,537 patients, 373 patients completed two doses of the corona vaccine. By verifying and reviewing their data, we have come to know that, on the one hand, they recovered quickly, and on the other hand, they did not suffer from any serious side effects of the cancer drugs.