DhakaThursday , 10 November 2022
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DC of Natore visited the school and took classes

Natore correspondent
November 10, 2022 12:50 pm
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Natore Deputy Commissioner (DC) Shamim Ahmed visited Haibatpur Government Primary School of Natore Sadar Upazila and took classes. He took the general knowledge class of fourth and fifth class students.

He took classes for about half an hour on Thursday (November 10) morning. At this time, the Deputy Commissioner gave motivational and educational speech to the students.

Deputy Commissioner Shamim Ahmed said to the students in the class that they should study by heart. If you are very upset, you will read a book. Don’t hurt anyone. Never be disappointed. Go ahead with confidence. Don’t do what you don’t like. You can change the country if you want. So there is no alternative to study.

He also said, don’t be a big man, be a big man. There is no substitute for quality education to impart real education to the next generation, inculcate love of country and humanity and make them true human beings. Quality education must be ensured through collective efforts of all.

The Deputy Commissioner said, as we worship, respect and love our mother, we do our duty towards her. Similarly motherland should be seen as mother. And if you love people, it will be possible to become a golden person.

Student Katha Muni says, We are happy to have DC Sir as our teacher. I never imagined that he would take our class. Sir has explained our general knowledge very nicely and simply. He encouraged us to learn and grow up.

Another student, Mehdi Hasan, said, “When DC Sir entered the class, I did not understand that he was the Deputy Administrator. And when he started taking classes, we thought we had a new teacher. Sir explained our general knowledge nicely.

Haibatpur Government Primary School Principal. Waheed Mridha said that the children were very happy in DC Sir’s class. Sir was mixing with the kids all this time. He discussed many issues. This initiative to improve the quality of education is highly commendable.

He also said that DC sir suddenly came to the school and exchanged greetings with various students and inquired about education. After that, he discussed various school issues with the teachers. This teacher thinks that teachers and students will be inspired by such initiatives.

Deputy Commissioner Shamim Ahmed told Dhaka Post that the government is committed to ensuring quality education. We are working towards that goal. Students have to impart knowledge on various contemporary subjects outside the textbooks.

The District Commissioner advised the headmaster of the school to impart knowledge to the students on contemporary general subjects outside the curriculum.