DhakaFriday , 4 November 2022
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RAB fears that new militant groups may launch sabotage attacks at any time.

International Desk
November 4, 2022 1:21 pm
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The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) said that any time the new militant organization Jamaatul Ansar Phil Hindal Sharqiya may carry out a sabotage attack. This may be due to a vested interest or motivated by militancy. They are preparing for sabotage on the orders of the leadership level of the organization.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of the legal and media wing of the force, told a press conference organized at the media center of RAB’s Carwanbazar in the capital on Friday afternoon.

RAB arrested 4 people including financial coordinator and migration coordinator of the militant organization in Laksam area of ​​Comilla on Thursday night. The arrested are Abdul Quader alias Sujan alias Faiz alias Sohail (24), Ismail Hossain alias Hanzala alias Mansoor (22), Muntashir Ahmed alias Bachchu (23) and Helal Ahmed Zakaria (33). After their arrest, RAB came to the press conference today to present detailed information.

According to RAB, more than 500 youths who are homeless due to the so-called Hijrat call of the new militant organization have not yet been found. In this situation, the threat of sabotage cannot be ruled out.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin said that among the detainees, Bachchu is the chief financial coordinator of the organization. Sohail and Hanzala are the coordinators of Hijrat members. Zakaria is the 3rd highest person in the military branch. Two militant books, a training syllabus, 9 leaflets, a diary and four bags were seized from them.

Regarding the fear of sabotage-attacks by the new militant organization at any time, he said, we have assumed that since many people are unmotivated, any kind of incident can happen at any time. But we are ready. The RAB force is always prepared for terrorist attacks.

Moin said that militancy is now largely under control due to the continuous operations of law enforcement agencies. But it was not eradicated. We are never complacent. At any time due to any vested interests or motivated by militancy they can sabotage. We are conducting the campaign with such preparations in mind. Many of our members are still conducting expeditions in the mountainous regions.

There is a list of 55 people who are voluntarily destitute. We are trying to identify them and bring them under the law. We have preparations, our activities are ongoing.

RAB officer Moin, citing the information received from the detained Bachchu, said that he (Bachchu) sent money to the separatists through mobile banking or banking channels. After receiving the money, those who are undergoing training may have some weapons given to them for training or sabotage. This needs to be verified. We have received information that Bachchu sent in two steps (one time 11 lakhs and one time 7 lakhs). AK-22 and AK-32 weapons supply information available. We can be sure of getting weapons from them.

Moin also quoted the preliminary interrogation of the detainees and said, “They were involved in organizing Jamatul Ansar Phil Hindal Sharqiya’s Dawati, armed training, supervision of the emigrant members and other organizational activities. 2-4 years ago he was inspired to extremism by acquaintances and received theoretical and physical training through senior members. They were hiding in Laksam in Comilla due to recent raids by RAB and other law enforcement agencies. During this time they used to collect money from members and like-minded people. Then he used to send money through mobile banking to different regions of the country for organizational needs.

Apart from this, they also gave financial support to the families of the members who were training in the mountains. The detained Bachchu was studying banking at a private university in Chittagong. He was one of Rakib’s assistants and chief financial coordinator of the organization’s finance and media wing. In the last 8-9 months, Bachchu has sent 17 lakh taka to the separatist organization to buy various types of heavy weapons, about 50 lakh taka including about 30 lakh for various activities of the organization.

Khandaker Al Moin said that legal action against the detainees is under process.