DhakaThursday , 13 October 2022
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This is the reason for sexual apathy in marriage?

Md.Magem Ali Molin
October 13, 2022 1:45 pm
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There is talk around the world about sexual apathy among couples, and researchers are blaming smartphones as the cause.

According to doctors, healthy sex not only strengthens the foundation of a relationship; Eliminates mental fatigue, also plays a role in increasing vitality.

But in the recent world, looking at the lack of sex among couples, a survey in the United States found smartphones as the reason for this.

According to the survey, no one has time to pay attention to their partner in the fascination of social media on smartphones. It is also creating various social and family complications.

A survey of nearly 2,000 couples found that nearly three-quarters of them spend more time on their cell phones than sex in their private time. Not only that, regardless of men and women, most of them claim that before going to sleep, they close their eyes by looking at their mobile phone rather than their spouse’s face. Even, the smartphone is becoming a medium of communication with each other even from the same house.

According to about 55 percent of the respondents, not only their sex life, but also their normal relationship with their partner is being disrupted due to excessive phone use. 35 percent said that due to mobile addiction, they have not had physical relations for a long time.

Calcutta’s daily Anandabazar cited data from the US survey and illustrated the same trend in India.

According to Indian psychologist Jayaranjan Ram, “not only in the United States, but also before this type of survey has been organized in various countries, and all such results have come out, which are quite dangerous in terms of both society and family life.”

This psychologist fears that the ability to stay connected to mobile phones will lead society to greater danger in the future.

Psychologist Ishani Sharma says, “Nowadays people are so busy with themselves that social ties, responsibilities and even responsibilities of children are fading away.

“There is growing boredom in adapting to one’s own world, one’s own busyness and the pace of life. And people are clinging to various social platforms to find quick relief from it. As a result, even basic needs like sex are being tempered.”