DhakaMonday , 8 August 2022
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Investigation of stolen parts of X-ray machine in Raumari Health Complex

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In Kurigram’s Roumari Upazila Health Complex, the theft of parts of its X-ray machine was investigated by inviting upazila health and post officer Dr. Asaduzzaman and forming a committee of 4 members. On August 8, Monday afternoon, Tay investigated the stolen parts of the X-ray machine at Roumari Hospital.

According to hospital office sources, on 20th September 2020 XRY 921 MM 200 which cost 14 lakh 87 thousand 200 taka. The X-ray machine has not been operated since allotment. A GD was lodged at Roumari Police Station regarding the theft of parts of an X-ray machine while packing in a hospital room about a year ago.

Dr. A, N, M, Golam Mohaiman MOCS Civil Surgeon Office Kurigram, Mamun Or Rashid Biomedical Engineer CMSD, Dhaka, and Haroon Or Rashid Executive Technical Support and Sales Mashruba to investigate the stolen parts. Medical technologist Dhaka 4 member investigation committee investigated and reported. The local residents are commenting that the investigation committee has been arranged.

When the journalists wanted to talk to the members of the investigation committee in this regard, they said, “Talk to him who is the head of our investigation committee.” We cannot speak without his permission. In this regard, the head of the investigation committee, Roumari Upazila Health Officer, Dr. Asaduzzaman, refused to give the information when asked about the investigation and avoided him with various excuses.