DhakaWednesday , 3 August 2022
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In Gurdaspur, after being caught in a strange situation, the lover kept her lover in the trunk!

Md.Magem Ali Molin
August 3, 2022 8:54 am
Link Copied!

A young man named Biltu Pramanik (30) played catch with the villagers when he came to meet his lover in the dark of night. On Tuesday (August 2) at around 12:30 p.m., local residents arrested him from his girlfriend’s house. The incident took place at Hamlaikol Siraj Maker intersection of Biaghat Union of Gurdaspur Upazila.

When the incident came to light on Wednesday morning, the local people and matbars called the Qazi and gave an open divorce with the consent of the boy and girl. Qazi Shafiqul Islam, who is in charge of this matter, said that he went to the spot after receiving a call from the local residents. After hearing the incident both the boy and the girl signed the open divorce in front of the witnesses present.

Locals said that Biltu came to meet his estranged lover Ramzan Ali’s wife of Hamlaikol village in the same area around 12:30 pm on Tuesday night. At that time, the locals sensed and searched for people in the house. At one point, the trunk (box) containing the steel-coated mattress was broken and Biltu, who escaped inside, was arrested and handed over to the village matbars. But they did not report the incident to the police administration and released them to their respective families. The incident seemed mysterious to everyone.

Several people including the village matbar Shafiqul Islam, Alam Pramanik and Rubel Hossain said that we have released Biltu and Ramzan’s wife on the condition that they get married. But the incident should have been reported to the administration.

In this regard, Ramzan’s wife, mother of two children, said, Biltu has been having physical relations with me for a long time. Last night as per Biltur SiddhanÍ her husband Ramzan was sent to bring paddy to her father’s house Mannan Nagar in Tarash. On that occasion, when Biltu came to meet him late at night, the neighbors came to know and asked me to open the door of the house. Unable to find a way, I locked Biltu in the box as he said and opened the door. Jehutu Biltu promised me marriage so I signed the open lock with Biltu’s consent.

On the other hand, husband Ramzan Ali said that since my wife was caught as an adulterer, I was forced to sign the open lock. Because it is not possible for him to have a family with that wife. Moreover, it is difficult to listen to the criticism of the society.

Biaghat UP Chairman Md. Mizanur Rahman Souza could not be reached on phone so his statement could not be taken.

Gurdaspur Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Abdul Matin said, “I don’t know anything about Parakiya.” However, I have come to know that a couple had an open divorce due to marital problems.