DhakaFriday , 29 July 2022
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The creator of the song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ imprisoned in four walls

Arif Hossain Kanak, Narayanganj
July 29, 2022 4:25 am
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A room in a single storey house. The room has a bed, sofa and table. This is where Hashim Mahmud created the viral song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ from the movie Din Katte Hawa. Once a regular walker in Dhaka University campus and fine arts institute, he has confined himself within these four walls. Don’t go out anywhere unless you have a special need, don’t talk to anyone if you’re not in a good mood. He has created a different world in that small room. Spend time thinking, writing songs. Table books and diaries are full of songs and rhymes written by him. Sometimes he sings. However, it is said that he does not have much contact with the people of the music world.

Hashim Mahmud lives with his mother Jamila Akhter and younger sister in Talla Sabuj Bagh area of ​​Narayanganj Sadar Upazila. Father Abul Hashem passed away long ago. He was a manager of a private bank. Hashim Mahmood is the third of seven siblings. Although six siblings got married, the 51-year-old artist never married.

Hashim Mahmud’s younger sister Dilara Masud Maina said, ‘Hashim bhai think of people. A bit random. He thinks in his own way, is busy with his writing. Self-centered nature. Talk if you want, or don’t. Always keep yourself covered. For example, today (Thursday) he has been writing with a notebook and pen all day. Maybe a song or a poem. He wrote about 90 songs. Write a song and tune it immediately. still writing However, he does not want to talk to anyone.

Hashim Mahmud did not say a word despite this reporter’s repeated requests. But he sang the song.

Dilara Masud Maina said, ‘Bhai was born in 1971. Education started at Lakshminarayan Govt Primary School in Narayanganj. He completed SSC from Narayanganj High School in 1985 and HSC and graduation from Government Tolaram College. From then on, he started traveling to Fine Arts and Dhaka University. Chayanate Nazrul Giti and Rabindra enrolled in music courses. But did not complete the course. There was a chat. Don’t go there now. I don’t know the answer to why you don’t go. He himself never said.

He also said about his brother, “My brother now stays at home all day. Don’t go out too much. Just get out when we take it. He was not like that before, he was normal. In addition to studies, there were many organizations including cultural organization Shapla, Udichi artist group. In the nineties he formed a band named Bairagi. Lalon Akhara had the highest traffic. I heard, there was a girl who liked it. He wrote the song Sada Sada Kala Kala out of love. He sang the song for the first time in 2010 sitting on the balcony of the university.

When asked if Hashim Mahmud is physically ill, Dilara Masud Maina said, “It cannot be said that he is sick.” But very random. He was normal before. After 2004, he started hiding himself. Noticing slightly different behavior since then. It gradually increased. He has stopped going to Dhaka for the last six-seven years. Still we showed him a doctor. The doctor said there is no disease. He should be given more time.

He said, “He is a bit delusional since childhood. Now it’s a bit more. But never forget your lyrics and lyrics. They often say that they have taken a lot of things from me. But can’t remember what it is. There is a kind of difficulty in not getting it.

This Hashim Mahmud of Bhavuk and Bholoman but once entered a job. He was employed in a private bank. In this context, Dilara Masud said, “He worked for a few days. He quit his job because he could not call anyone sir. Always with music, still not thinking about marriage.

Hashim Mahmud’s mother Jamila Akhtar said, ‘My son is a music lover, he used to sing all day. Now he doesn’t sing like before, he sings when he wants to. I want her to come back to her normal life. I want to see him normal. Everyone will pray for my son.

Dilara Masud said about the song in the film Hawa, “The director of Hawa movie Mezbaur Rahman Sumon contacted us for the song Sada Sada Kala Kala.” Then asking for song permission, permission is granted. The song would have been sung by him if the brother had not messed up. Later the song was sung by another person. Film director said that Bhaiya will be honored for the song. But still not given.

Filmmaker Shahjahan Shamim once worked with Hashim Mahmud in Padatik Natya Sangsad Narayanganj branch. He told Bangla Tribune, ‘I met Hashim Mahmud Bhai in 1987. We were two members of Padatik Natya Sangsad Narayanganj branch. He used to sing there. He has an unusual full throat. God gave him a great voice. He was young at that time. Still a very good song.’

He also said, ‘There is a discipline in the theater group. But since that time, Hashim bhai was acting outside the rules. Not a rule follower. Come if you want, or don’t come. Then once he became inactive in the theater. Now he is random. I am surprised. But once he was normal. It is very necessary to appreciate an artist like him.