DhakaFriday , 22 July 2022
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The expatriate’s wife killed her lover because she could not give satisfaction!

Md Magem Ali
July 22, 2022 11:57 am
Link Copied!

Banalata desk.
As her husband was in Singapore, Morsheda got involved in an affair with her neighbor Shafiqul. They also have physical intercourse. However, Shafiqul could never give physical satisfaction to Morsheda due to various diseases. Still He want to continue the physical relationship. But as she could not ‘appease’, the lover killed Shafiqul by covering his face with her veil.

These sensational facts came out in the statement of 33-year-old Morsheda Akhtar in the murder of Shafiqul Islam in Nagarpur, Tangail. At the same time, the police revealed the mystery of this murder.

Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police of Mirzapur-Nagarpur Circle SM Mansoor Mucha gave this information on Friday afternoon citing the press release sent by Tangail Superintendent of Police Sarkar Mohammad Qaiser.

Morsheda is the wife of Singapore expatriate Babul Hossain of Manara Nayapara village in Pakutia union of Nagarpur upazila. On Thursday afternoon, the police arrested Debor Barek and Vasur Phulchan of Morsheda for their involvement in the incident.

In the confession, Morsheda said that her husband Babul has been living in Singapore for a year. Then he developed a good relationship with 45-year-old Shafiqul Islam, son of neighbor Samesh Ali. At one point it falls in love. Shafiqul had physical contact with her recently. But he was suffering from various diseases. Because of this he could never give her physical satisfaction.

On the afternoon of July 18, Shafiqul went to Morsheda’s house again. He tried to have physical intercourse with Morsheda when there was no one at home at that time. At one stage of the argument, the two got into a fight near the tubewell of the house. At this time, Shafiqul fell down. Later, Morsheda held Shafiqul’s face with her veil. He died on the spot. Later, Morsheda hid his body in the nearby toilet. Besides, he told the matter to Debor Barek and Vasur Phulchan. They decided to hide the body. At around 12 o’clock that night, they loaded the body in a chaat sack and took it to Barek’s auto-rickshaw and dumped it under a bridge in the village.

According to the press release, on the morning of July 19, the police recovered the body of an unknown person wrapped in a sack from under the bridge of Mana Nayapara village of Nagarpur upazila. Later, wife Rahela Begum identified the body as that of Shafiqul. Then he filed a murder case in Nagarpur police station.

After the case, SI Manowar Hossain of Nagarpur police station started investigating the incident. This police officer quickly unraveled the mystery of the incident with the help of advanced information technology and using traditional police techniques. At the same time, the rest of the accused have been arrested.