DhakaThursday , 21 April 2022
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The dream of the farmer of Chalanbil is swaying on the sheaf of paddy

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Yellow-green ceremonies are now taking place across the Chalanbil field. Sheaf of paddy is swaying in that vast green field. The sheaves of paddy have started turning green and turning yellow. The farmer of Chalanbil has started dreaming of that golden sheaf of paddy tree.

Boro farmers in Chalanbil area say the weather has been very favorable since the planting of rice seedlings. It goes without saying that the disease was not a plague. If the weather is favorable from harvesting to threshing, the golden dream of Boro paddy will be fulfilled by the farmers. This season, seeing the view of Boro paddy across the vast field, it would seem that it is the traditional form of abohaman bangla. The golden sheaf of boro paddy is swaying in the wind beyond the horizon. Hidden in that cradle are the dreams of thousands of farmers in this area.

Field-filled boro paddy has now turned golden in the main agricultural areas known as granaries. The rice harvesting and threshing festival will start next week. Around the festival, work is underway to procure paddy harvesting workers, open cleaning, repair of threshing machines and various preparations to cut paddy from the land and take it home. Other members of the farming family are also not sitting.

Gurudaspur of Natore, Singra, Baraigram, Raiganj of Sirajganj, Ullapara, Tarash, Bhangura of Pabna, Chatmohar and a total of 9 upazilas of 3 districts. According to Natore District Agriculture Extension Department sources, boro paddy has been planted in 56,060 hectares of land in the district this season. Of these, Boro paddy has been planted in 36,650 hectares in Singra inhabited by Chalanbil, 5,400 hectares in Gurudaspur and 6,900 hectares in Baraigrame.
It has been learned in some upazilas of the district that the farmers are spending their days in fear of being able to harvest paddy with the help of laborers at the right time. Feroz Hossain, a farmer from Bilsha village in Gurudaspur, said, “Every year workers from other areas come and cut my paddy. I have talked to those workers this year as well.
Mannan, a farmer from Vetua village in Tarash upazila, said, “I have cultivated boro on 30 bighas of land this year. I am thinking of natural disasters just before the harvest of paddy.

This time BRI-28, 29, 61, 69, Gerasil and Hybrid rice have been planted in different fields of Chalanbil region. Of these, Brie paddy 28 has been planted more. Cutting and threshing of early varieties of paddy will start next week.
According to the farmers, the agriculture department and the Upazila administration, however, have said that a ‘combine harvester’ will be used to overcome the crisis.

Gurudaspur Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Harunor Rashid of Chalanbil said boro paddy has been cultivated in 5,400 hectares of land in the upazila this year. Since there is no lockdown this year, we hope that the farmers will be able to harvest the paddy at the right time and take it home.

Gurudaspur Upazila Nirbahi Officer Md. Tomal Hosain said, “Last two year we helped the farmers to take their crops home by overcoming the natural calamities. This year and its aftermath will not happen.