DhakaSaturday , 9 April 2022
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Songs of Hero Alam and Bhuvan Badyakar are coming to shake two Bengalis

Mostakim Jony.
April 9, 2022 9:31 am
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Mostakim Jony.

Ashraful Alam, son of Bogra. To everyone he is known as Hero Alam. He is regularly working on acting, production and music. This time he went to Calcutta and gave a surprise. Alam has sung a song with Bhuvan Badyakar, a singer of Raw Almonds.

He himself confirmed the matter to Jago News. Ashraful Alam alias Hero Alam made a video call from Kolkata on April 9 at noon today. Hero Alam is seen singing inside a studio, and Bhuban Badyakar, who is famous for his raw almonds, is also singing.

Hero Alam said, ‘I have come to Kolkata to sing a new song with Bhuvan Kakur. Talks have been going on for a long time, but the date is not right. I came to Calcutta after everything was finalized. I’m recording a song at the Guyson Pro Studio in Laketown. ‘

Regarding the experience of working with Bhuvan Badyakar, Alam said, “We are both viral in Bengali. Together, singing together. I hope this song will go viral in both Bengalis. The name of our song is ‘How Funny’.

The song is written by FA Pritam. Music is directed by Ajit Sahin. The song is being produced by Jatrapala and Hero Alam Official. It is known that the video of the song will be made. It will be directed by Salauddin Goldar.