DhakaSaturday , 5 March 2022
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Russians and Ukrainians want to work together in Ruppur

Rakib Hasnat, Pabna
March 5, 2022 2:10 pm
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Ukraine has been under attack by Russia in the last 10 days. The situation is getting worse in the country. The death toll is rising every day. Despite the dire situation in the country, the Russians and Ukrainians working at the Ruppur  nuclear power plant in Bangladesh do not want to fan the flames of war.

Thousands of Ukrainians have lost their lives as their country is being ravaged by repeated attacks and explosions. Even though such a situation broke their hearts, the Ukrainians are still friends with the Russians in Bangladesh.

Talking to Bangladeshi workers, shopkeepers and locals working in Rooppur, it is learned that they are moving together as before. At the same time shopping, shopping, eating and drinking in hotels and restaurants. However, there is concern among them about the country and the people of the country. Many Ukrainians have expressed concern about their families to local interpreters.

Local businessmen Asif Zaman and Maruf Joarder said that despite the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine, there was no sign of violence among Russian-Ukrainian nationals working on the Rooppur project. Officials and workers of the two countries are working side by side together. They are maintaining friendly relations in hotels and restaurants. However, they have been seen to be worried about their families.
Dima, a Russian national working on the Rooppur project, said: “Even though war is going on in our two countries, there is no effect here. We are performing our work as usual.

“We are not for war, we are for peace,” said Slaveni, a Ukrainian citizen. Although we are far away from the battlefield, our minds are on our country. I want this war to stop. Although there is no effect here, we are worried about the family.

Ruhul Quddus, site in-charge of the project, told Dhaka Post that the effects of the war were not noticed among them. However, it is very normal to have worries about family.

Despite the friendly relations between the citizens of the two countries, the law enforcement agencies are on alert. The cabinet has been instructed to take precautionary measures to prevent any mishap among them.

At a recent inter-ministerial meeting, the Cabinet Division suggested that special attention be paid to the citizens of Russia and Ukraine within the Rooppur project. The reason given is that the effects of the war could fall on them as well. Care must be taken in advance to avoid any untoward situation. Belarusians have also been asked to be cautious.

Meanwhile, Rosspur will not be affected by the war, said Rosatom, the contractor for the project. In a press release, the Russian company said that due to Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, the construction of Rooppur nuclear power plant is not in danger of coming to a standstill. This issue will not have any impact on Rooppur project. The project will be completed on time. If all goes well, the first unit of Rooppur nuclear power plant is to be commissioned in 2023.

Incidentally, the biggest project in the history of the country is the construction of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant at Ishwardi in Pabna. Two units of 1,200 MW are being constructed at Rooppur. The cost is about 1 lakh 14 thousand crore. Of this, the government will give 22 thousand 52 crore 91 lakh 26 thousand taka and 91 thousand 40 crore taka is coming from Russia as loan assistance.