DhakaWednesday , 2 March 2022
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Attempts are being made to fill the gap of two academic years: Minister of Education

Md Magem Ali
March 2, 2022 7:17 am
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Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni says the last two years the students have gone through a trauma. All activities have started anew. Hopefully, their coming days will be beautiful.

She said efforts were being made to make up for the previous shortfall. It may not be possible to fill all the gaps in one academic year. Hopefully this academic year and the next academic year together will be able to fill all the gaps.
He was speaking to reporters on Wednesday (March 2) at 9:30 am before the inauguration of the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) distribution of textbooks for Class XI-XII.

She then inaugurated the textbook distribution program by handing over the books to the students. NCTB Chairman Professor Farhadul Islam and other officials were present at the time.

The education minister said that the primary class has also started today. Secondary classes have already started. Hopefully, I will be able to return to normal education soon.

“Students who will go to university with HSC, we will talk to the universities so that they can get some assessment done to fill the gaps in the students in the early classes,” She said.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the textbook distribution program, the education minister said, “We hope the books will be good.” Attempts have been made to keep the books free from errors. But not once is the mistake. We have a review committee. They will review again. Our textbook will be better in the coming days. We want an education system for students where they can learn with joy. Students will gain knowledge, grow up with values. Books have a big role to play from that place.