DhakaMonday , 28 February 2022
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BNP will not hold any election under the new

Md Magem Ali
February 28, 2022 2:45 pm
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BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said, “We don’t want to talk about the election commission.” For this reason, I do not want the BNP to hold any election under this Election Commission. We want elections under a neutral government. Elections will be held only under a neutral government. When there is a neutral election, the people of Bengal will be able to vote on that day.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a protest rally organized by the Chittagong Metropolitan BNP at the ground adjacent to the city’s Polo Ground School on Monday (February 26) afternoon as part of a centrally announced program to protest the rise in commodity prices. Mirza Abbas said the BNP has no habit of coming to power illegally. Therefore, the BNP will not go to the polls without elections under a neutral government.

He said BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia had become the prime minister three times through popular vote. And today’s Prime Minister has become the Prime Minister three times by stealing the votes of the people. This government has no mercy for the people. Because they don’t need to vote. If Awami League is in power, you will never be able to vote. The people of Bengal will be able to vote on the same day when the election will be held under a neutral government. Inshallah BNP will form the government on that day. The BNP will not go to the polls without a neutral government.

The BNP leader said, our Bangladesh has become a strange country today. Here 40 rupees for egg yolk, 180 rupees per liter of oil, 60 rupees per kg of rice. The price of everything has gone up, not just the price of people. On the one hand, people are lost with the price of goods and the leaders of the government and the party leaders are busy looting. Two thousand crore rupees was found in the account of the BCL leader of Mofasbal.

Mirza Abbas said that whenever Awami League came to power, their leaders and workers looted and looted thousands of crores of rupees. When they were in power in 1973-74, they killed democracy and established Bakshal. He killed 35,000 leaders and activists for speaking out for democracy. All but four were banned. There was no television channel. Martyred President Ziaur Rahman brought democracy to Bangladesh. But today’s Awami League government is no different from that Awami League.

Mirza Abbas further said that the people of the country cannot speak. When he speaks, he disappears and is killed. A case has been filed in the name of all BNP leaders and activists. With this Prime Minister, democracy will never return to the country. And if democracy does not return, our country will not have independence and sovereignty.

Demanding the release of the BNP chairperson, he said that the unusual popularity of the BNP leader, the unusual popularity of the BNP. If this popularity continues, then the Awami League will never be able to rule again. For this reason, thousands of BNP leaders and activists have been jailed and cases have been filed against thousands of leaders and activists.

Speaking on the occasion, BNP Central Committee Organizing Secretary Mahbubur Rahman Shamim said, “People of Chittagong do not want to see Sheikh Hasina’s government in power even for a moment.” If this government is in power, the prices of daily necessities will not go down. Therefore, a massive mass movement will be formed under the leadership of BNP Vice Chairman Tarique Rahman.

Chittagong Metropolitan BNP convener said in a statement. Shahadat Hossain said the new election commission has been formed with people loyal to the government. This is another Huda Commission. The members of the new election commission are the people’s favorite people. They are all loyal to the government, beneficiaries and flatterers. The BNP will not go to the polls under them. The BNP will not take part in the elections under Sheikh Hasina’s government or their commission. We have to form a neutral government during the election. That government will form a new election commission. If a fair election environment is created under him, all parties including BNP will participate in it.

Speaking as the special guest, General Secretary of Juba Dal Central Committee Sultan Salauddin Tuku said, “Bir Chattala is the place of our emotions.” Ershad has fallen from this Chittagong, Sheikh Hasina will fall.

Chittagong Metropolitan BNP member secretary Abul Hashem Bakkar said the government has no control over the daily commodity market. Corruption has now reached such a level that in each case the price of goods has gone up by 20-26 per cent. The market has been syndicated. They are artificially raising the price of things. There is no accountability anywhere. The effects of extreme corruption are reaching the market. The people have to pay their dues as the prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed.

Central BNP Labor Secretary AM Nazim Uddin, Krishak Dal Central Committee General Secretary Shahidul Islam Babul, South District BNP Convener Abu Sufian and others spoke as special guests at the rally.