DhakaMonday , 21 February 2022
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Hero Alam in the forest to sing 

Banalata Desk.
February 21, 2022 1:14 pm
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Ashraful Alam, a young man from Bogra. To everyone he is known as Hero Alam. He brought acting, production and music in his own way. After a few days, he released his new song on YouTube with one surprise after another. Whatever it is, there are millions of views in a matter of hours. This time he has sung the popular kichha-pala of rural Bengal.

The words of Hero Alam’s new Kichcha-Pala are like this- ‘Like the mind, you decorate the sky – you are playing the game in your mind, Shahi Niranjan – you are playing with colors, I am forgetting you – I don’t know when to call and pick up ….’

Hero Alam went to a forest in Fulbaria to shoot this song. From there, he said, ‘Many people say that Hero Alam cannot sing. But if you watch this new video, everyone will understand that Hero Alam can sing, Kichha-Palao can also sing. ‘

“It simply came to our notice then. Although I am not a professional artist, I have been singing songs with difficulty. I am working hard on the song. I hope this song will go viral like other songs. ‘

Incidentally, this month Hero Alam appeared with the current viral song ‘Pushpa’. There he was seen performing with a bicycle on his shoulder. He also sang the song from the popular Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’ on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Nusrat has become a model with Hero Alam in the video of the song titled ‘Titanic Love Song’. The scene of that song has been filmed at the launch of Sadarghat.