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Plowing of environmentally friendly cattle on the way to extinction

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Plowing of environmentally friendly cattle on the way to extinction. In Atrai of Naogaon, at one time the only dependent cattle of the farmers for cultivating the land, now the plowing of cattle is on the verge of extinction. Each house had several pairs of plowing tools including plow, yoke and hoe for plowing. The more he had those tools in his house, the more he was known throughout the area. In this way the barn and living room of his house would be decorated.

Now, with the touch of modernity, that living room is no more, no ox, plow, yoke. Everything is going to be extinct now. In order to save time and money and to be hassle-free, people have now resorted to field plowing instead of cattle plowing, mechanical plowing of power trailers. Unusual increase in the price of cattle, increasing demand for oranges, householders no longer want to spend extra money. Power trailers have become almost home to farmers to save time and money.

However, even though the practice of plowing with cows is about to disappear, this tradition is maintained by Md. Jabbar Ali of Magura Para village of Atrai upazila. Even at this age he is plowing the land. Such a picture can be seen on the spot.

He said he was plowing the land with his cow plow to harvest. In addition, to maintain the previous tradition, he still plows with cows every year.