DhakaTuesday , 1 February 2022
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Many (OMS) products are not getting long line of buyers in Pabna fence

Md Magem Ali
February 1, 2022 11:36 am
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Pabna, Pabna Bera Low and low middle class people are flocking to buy open market (OMS) rice flour at low prices. Many buyers have complained that they have not been able to buy rice flour even after standing for a long time.

One ton of rice flour is being sold every day through four dealers in Bera municipality. Rice is available at Rs 30 per kg and flour at Rs 18 per kg.
It was seen on Tuesday (February 1) that people of limited income, ignoring the social distance, stumbled in front of the shop to buy rice flour in a long line.
Ramzan of Maitrabandha Mahalla in the municipal area said that low quality rice is being sold at Tk 45 and flour at Tk 30 per kg in the market. That’s why they are crowding the OMS dinner shop. Their interest in these products has increased as the quality of rice flour has improved this time.
Another buyer, Asma Khatun of Bera Sheikh Para Mahalla, said she had been waiting in line for two hours to buy rice.
Ayesha Khatun, an old woman from Mohanganj mahalla, said, “I have been standing in line with my father since 9 am and have not received any rice flour yet.
Another buyer Khadija Khatun had to return home on Monday without getting rice flour. When she and MS came to the dinner shop to buy rice, she was asked to come tomorrow.
Saiful Islam Dulal Mollah, OMS dealer of Bera Municipal Raw Market area, said, “Our demand is more than allocation.
Five hundred kg of flour and five hundred kg of rice are being sold to two hundred people every day. Lower and middle class people are crowding because their quality is very good. They are being given priority on the basis of anti-sale at the beginning of the next day. He said that the allocation needs to be increased to cope with the pressure.
Kausarul Alam, Upazila Food Controller, said rice flour is being sold in four rounds every day (except Fridays) through four dealers in Bera municipal area. Five kg of rice and five kg of flour are being sold at fixed price per person. He has been monitoring these from his presence. Dealers have been given strict instructions to conduct their activities in a proper manner as per the rules. In reply to another question, he said that earlier one and a half tons of rice flour was allotted in the program but this time it has been allotted in one ton. That is why there is a little problem. Besides, this time the quality of rice flour is good and in addition to low income people, middle class people are also buying rice flour.