DhakaFriday , 28 January 2022
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The prices of soybean, flour and pulses have gone up ahead of Ramadan

Md Magem Ali
January 28, 2022 12:52 pm
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Banalata desk.
Fasting will start after two months. Traders have raised the prices of edible oil, soybean and palm oil in a new way ahead of Iftar and Sahari. Besides, lentil pulses (coarse grains) have increased by Rs 3-4 per kg. And small grains (Nepali) have increased by 5-6 rupees per kg. Besides, the price of packet flour and packet flour has gone up by Rs 5 per kg.

On Friday (January 26), various markets in the capital were visited, flour was being sold at Rs 52 per kg, which was earlier Rs 50 per kg. One kg packet of flour is being sold at 43 rupees instead of 42 rupees. Prices of eggs, fish, onions and potatoes are as high as ever.

Meanwhile, the price of rice has gone up again. Last Wednesday and Thursday, medium rice was sold at Rs 58 per kg. On Friday, the price of that rice became 56 rupees per kg.

According to retailers, oil prices have been rising for two days. The price of bottled soybean oil has gone up by Rs 5-6 per liter. The price of open soybean oil has gone up to Rs. The price of palm oil has also gone up by Rs 5-10 per liter.

According to traders, the price of a new one-liter bottle of oil has been set at Rs 165-16, up from Rs 160 earlier. And the price of five liter bottle of soybean oil is now 75-800 rupees, which was 60 rupees before.

Retailers are selling open soybean oil at Rs 155-160 per liter, up from Rs 150-155 earlier. A liter of palm oil is being sold at Rs 135-140, which was earlier Rs 130-135.

Kawran market traders in the capital. Akshed Ali told the Bengali Tribune, “Oil prices have been rising for several days now. I used to sell open soybean oil at 150 rupees per liter, now it is 155 rupees. ‘

Traders in Manik Nagar area are selling open soybean at Tk 180 per liter.

Despite the traders raising the price of edible oil, after a meeting with them on January 19, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said that the price of edible oil will not increase for the next 15 days. He said a decision on edible oil would be taken after February 8.

The Commerce Minister said, “The traders themselves raised some prices without informing us. That too they (businessmen) will consider. However, after 15 days of looking at the international market, including the duty structure, we will make a decision. Ramadan and Eid of Ramadan are ahead. That is why I have requested the traders to open LCs normally. ‘

Earlier, the Bangladesh Vegetable Oil Refiners and Vegetable Manufacturers Association had sent a proposal to the Commerce Ministry demanding an increase in the price of oil in the international market. Later, the ministry sent it to the Tariff Commission for verification and selection.

Meanwhile, the price of broiler chicken in the capital’s markets has come down by Rs 5-10 per kg. The price of Pakistani cock or golden chicken has come down to Rs 10 per kg.

Traders say broiler chickens are being sold at Rs 160-175 per kg, up from Rs 160-165 last week. Pakistani cock or golden chicken is now 230-280 rupees per kg, which was 240-280 rupees last week.

Good quality domestic onion is being sold at 30 rupees per kg. 45-50 per kg of imported Indian onion. Potatoes now cost 15 rupees per kg. Dozens of eggs are being sold at 110-115 rupees.

It has been seen in the vegetable market that carrots and ripe tomatoes are being sold at 30 rupees per kg. 30-60 rupees per kg of bean, 40 rupees per kg of turnip (whole copy), 60 rupees per kg of barberry. Pieces of cauliflower are being sold for 40 rupees and pieces of pumpkin are being sold for 80 rupees. Red spinach seeds 15 rupees and spinach seeds 15 rupees.

It has been seen that the fish market is being sold at 400-600 rupees per kg of shoal fish. Other fish include tuber 180-200 rupees per kg, shrimp 600-750 rupees, tilapia and pangas 150-180 rupees, rui and katal 300-450 rupees, horn and taki 250-350 rupees. Hilsa fish weighing one kg is being sold at 1000-1200 rupees. 500-600 rupees per kg of small hilsa fish.