DhakaWednesday , 26 January 2022
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Police attack on (Shust) students is sad: Education Minister

Md Magem Ali
January 26, 2022 1:46 pm
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Special Correspondent.
The Minister of Education has said that the incident of police attack on the students of Shabiprabir is sad. Dipu Moni. He said strict action would be taken against those involved in the attack.

The Education Minister made the remarks at a press conference at his residence on Wednesday (January 26) evening on the recent issue of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SHUST).

He said all the problems of the students will be solved. They can discuss these issues with us at any time. However, I did not understand how some of their points suddenly turned into one-point demands. Students’ problems will be solved through discussion.

Responding to a question from reporters about the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor of Shabiprabi, the Education Minister said that the resignation of the VC was another matter. He was appointed President. If he resigns, the problem will not be solved. One VC will go, another VC will come. Problems will remain in place of problems.

At that time, regarding the unknown case, the Education Minister said, what has happened before, has already happened. We want to move forward. We do not want the students to be harmed in their education. He said the students would not be harmed as a result of the case. At this time he called for the withdrawal of the student movement.