DhakaTuesday , 25 January 2022
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RU teachers demand resignation of Shabiprabi VC

Special Representative.
January 25, 2022 1:13 pm
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Teachers of Rajshahi University have demanded the resignation of Professor Farid Uddin, Vice-Chancellor of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SHUST). They made the demand at a sit-in organized in support of Shabiprabi students on Tuesday (January 25th) at noon. The program was held under the banner of RU Teachers Network at the Martyred Intellectuals Memorial Plaza premises of the university.

Among others, Professor Saleh Hasan Naqib of the Department of Physics, Professor Sauvik Reza of the Department of Bangla, Professor Syed Mohammad of the Department of Management Studies spoke. Ali Reza, Associate Professor Abdullah Al Mamun and Assistant Professor Kazi Mamun Haider of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism.
Abdul Majid Antar, convener of Raksu Andolan Mancha, Shakila Khatun, president of RU branch student union, Mohabbat Hossain Milon, general secretary of student federation and other leaders and workers of other leftist student organizations expressed solidarity in the program. At this time students of different departments also took part in the program expressing their solidarity.

In the sit-in program, the RU teachers said that the attack on Shabiprabi was a very disgusting incident. A person who attacks students and makes derogatory remarks about students at a public university has lost his moral standing as vice-chancellor. We also want his resignation.

They said the Shabiprabi incident was not a one-day blast. An explosion of long-standing resentment. So democratic VC is needed. If something happens to a student in the university, then the student movement does not understand what can happen. Do not cut off the legs of rotten shamu. Accept the demands of the students without making the situation more murky.