DhakaSunday , 16 January 2022
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Dhaka Narayanganj in security blanket

Md Magem Ali
January 16, 2022 4:45 am
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Banalata desk.
Narayanganj City Corporation Election has been completed smoothly and 14 platoon Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has been deployed to avoid untoward incidents. Although the BGB patrol has been going on since Saturday afternoon, the patrol has increased since this morning. Multiple BGB vehicles are going to each center and taking necessary measures by monitoring the security situation.

BGB Headquarters Director (Operations) Lt. Colonel Faizur Rahman told the media, ‘A total of 14 platoon BGB members have been deployed in Narayanganj. Those who have started work from Saturday night.

According to law enforcement sources, Narayanganj is not a separate risk center. All the centers are being given special consideration. Each of the 192 polling stations has an SI led by 5 policemen.
Besides, 6 male and 4 female Ansar members are providing security. And 26 units of police are working as striking force. Mobile team is in 64 fields. Each team has 5 BGB members, RAB’s Striking Force and a check post.