DhakaMonday , 10 January 2022
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In Gaibandha, 245 women and children are raped in a year

Mustakim Jony
January 10, 2022 5:33 am
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In Gaibandha, 245 women and children have been raped in the last one year. In 2020 this number was 216 people. This figure has come up in the data of seven upazila health complexes including district hospitals.

Conscious citizens and celebrities believe that the culture of impunity, pornography, smartphones in the hands of minors, and the free use of the Internet are increasing the incidence of rape. Some are also blaming the unconsciousness of the parents. There are also allegations that these incidents were born out of desire for revenge and malicious intent. Police and experts say it is not possible to solve this problem just by using the law.

According to the health complexes of seven upazilas including Gaibandha district hospital, from January 1 to December 31, 2021, 245 women and children were raped. The minimum age is 14 persons aged 3-10 years, 155 persons aged 11-18 years and 6 persons above 19 years of age. The worst victims are children aged 11-18.

Women, children and women’s organizations say rape is on the rise in society due to a culture of impunity, obscenity, pornography and underestimation of women. In society, women are considered as mere consumer goods. Obscene jokes are made about women. The real culprits get through the loopholes in the law. The number of rapists is also increasing due to the lack of proper punishment for the perpetrators. They believe that it will be possible to reduce rape from the society if proper trial of the perpetrators is ensured.

People involved in education and research believe that crime is on the rise in the society due to distortion of individual mentality, lack of family education, availability of perverted pornography and improper application of rule of law. However, the unawareness of the parents is also responsible in this case. Apart from this, incidents like rape are also happening in the society due to the desire to get money by hanging colleagues, friends and relatives. Not only that, out of desire for revenge, false accusations like rape are leveled against some people.

Gaibandha program officer of the One Stop Crisis (OCC) of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ruhul Amin, told Dhaka Post that most of the rapes are due to the love affair between young boys and girls. Rape also often occurs out of revenge, out of anger, or out of anger. The OCC coordinates with the offices to provide all possible assistance to the victims, including speedy treatment and legal services.

Nilufar Yasmin Shilpi, general secretary of the district women’s liberation center, said social crime was on the rise due to lack of proper justice and severe punishment for the perpetrators. When the perpetrators are not given exemplary punishment even after committing the crime, others also get the courage to commit the crime. As a result, the incidence of rape is increasing day by day.

Advocate Sirajul Islam Babu, general secretary of Gaibandha District Bar Association, said it was not possible to eradicate or reduce rape from the society by law alone. This requires family and social awareness, ethics and values. On the one hand, there must be proper implementation of the law, on the other hand, there must be public awareness. Only then is it possible to prevent rape.

District Superintendent of Police Touhidul Islam told Dhaka Post that there is no alternative to awareness to eliminate or reduce rape. Awareness activities are being carried out by the police in various ways.

“We are all trapped by the recent Corona epidemic,” he said. Especially students. As a result, teens are spending more time on social media. By doing this, most of the time they are getting involved in a relationship knowingly or unknowingly. As a result, incidents like rape are happening. He called upon the police, conscious community, parents and teachers to work together to eradicate or reduce rape from the society.