DhakaThursday , 30 December 2021
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Chairman-member Vijay Rally with money garland around his neck and playing drums

Md Magem Ali
December 30, 2021 2:22 pm
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Bagha (Rajshahi) Representative:

The newly elected chairman-members have privately rallied for victory after playing drums and garlands of money around their necks. From the day after the election (Wednesday, Tuesday and Monday) they held victory rallies in the neighborhoods of the constituency. DM Babul Monwar, the newly elected chairman of Chakrajapur Union of Padma Charanchal in Bagha Upazila of Rajshahi, has held a victory rally with the winning members and their well-wishers.

DM Babul Monwar, the president of the union A-League, has won the post of chairman with the nomination of the A-League party in that union. Along with him, some including newly elected UP member Sahidul Islam had money necklaces around their necks. Thousands of rupees, five hundred rupees, one hundred rupees, fifty rupees, twenty rupees, ten rupees notes were hanging around their necks.

The locals reacted dissatisfied and upset with their actions. Election officials have also expressed dissatisfaction over the incident. According to many, after wearing a garland of money, they wanted to convey that elections cannot be held without money. Some people have commented that those who have a lot of money should not come to fight with them.

The defeated member candidate of the 5th ward of the union Helal Uddin said. Vijay rallied after wearing a garland of money as he was elected by force of money. He lost to Sahidul Islam by 26 votes. Many members of the winners also rallied in their respective wards on Wednesday wearing garlands of flowers and money. The chairman-members have started the victory rally from Monday.

Mostafizur Rahman Shishir Mandal, the winning candidate of Ward No. 9, said that he had held a victory rally in his own ward on Monday. The people of the ward gave the reception with notes of one thousand rupees, five hundred rupees, one hundred rupees, fifty rupees, twenty rupees, ten rupees. In all, he got thirty thousand rupees.

Winning chairman candidate DM Babul Monwar said, “I did not make a garland with my own money. The people have made garlands with their money and put them around their necks. However, he could not say how much money he paid for the garland. On Monday, he was greeted at the Para-Mahalla Hat Bazaar in the constituency by wearing a garland of flowers and a garland of money around his neck. He later claimed that there was no victory rally. He did not answer the question whether it was legal to hold a victory rally after wearing a garland of money.

Azizul Azam, the defeated independent (expelled from Awami League party) chairman candidate, said that the newly elected chairman-member was given a reception in this manner as per the custom in the char area. However, he said that if the law is not agreed, it should be stopped.
Abdus Salam, general secretary of Chakrajapur Union Awami League, said the elected persons were given a week-long reception as per the custom of Char. According to Milon Sheikh of Char area, the reception was given to the chairman member wearing a garland of money. One thousand rupees, five hundred rupees, one hundred rupees, fifty rupees, twenty rupees, ten rupees notes were given in this garland.

Bagha Upazila Election Officer Mujibul Alam said, “The rally of the winners has been banned. But, they are not obeying the rules. It is an impure act to hold a victory rally after wearing a garland of money. Ordinary people will raise questions about the personality of the person. Since this is a post-election incident, we have no chance to take legal action. “

It may be mentioned that Awami League nominated boat candidate DM Babul Monwar (Boat) got 4,091 votes and was elected unofficially. His rival independent candidate Azizul Azam (Pineapple) got 3,101 votes. The total number of voters in this union is 9,533. Of these, 4,006 are males and 4,845 are females. Elections were held in 3 unions including Chakrajapur in the fourth phase on 26 December.